SACMI to present future-focused rigid packaging technology at 16th IPF in Dhaka

SACMI to present future-focused rigid packaging technology at 16th IPF in Dhaka

Latest high-performance, sustainable 26/22 mm standards with plenty of scope for customization. A comprehensive technological range that draws on SACMI’s unrivalled expertise in materials and products

At the 16th IPF in Dhaka (International Convention City Bashundhara, 24-27 January 2024), SACMI will showcase state-of-the-art solutions and illustrate the latest opportunities for cap, preform and container producers.
SACMI has the most extensive experience anywhere in the industry. Its plants and technologies are used worldwide and its Rigid Packaging Lab has unrivalled expertise in materials and products. The result: customers can count on profitable, high-performance, future-focused solutions.

The 26/22 mm neck-cap transition

For example, the new family of caps for 26/22 mm necks is gaining ground among the world’s leading players. Why? Because this standard offers better opportunities from a lightweighting perspective and, therefore, savings on raw materials and energy.
More specifically, SACMI offers the latest multi-purpose caps for GME 30.40 and 30.41, also available in tethered versions. These deliver high performance for carbonated drinks and expected plastic savings of over 35% compared to traditional neck finishes. There’s also a complete range for still water that includes the lightest cap on the market, weighing less than 1 gram.

A comprehensive technological package

The ability to provide customized solutions that respond to real production needs (while taking into account prevailing consumption habits on individual markets) gives SACMI customers a sharp competitive edge as they can rely on trailblazing technology and comprehensive consultancy, also from a design perspective.
Integrated neck-cap design - with all the latest solutions, certified by international brand owners - is followed by provision of the relevant technologies. These span from CCM (continuous compression molding) presses for caps to IPS injection presses for preforms (note that this year sees the arrival of lightweight proposals for water and a new hot-fill solution, again delivering high performance and significant raw material savings).
In addition to cap and preform systems, SACMI will also illustrate its container-making CBF technology: a high-performance, versatile alternative that lets producers work with different resins (PS, PE, PET), making it perfect for the pharma and dairy sectors.

SACMI Computer Vision Systems (with AI) 

All SACMI machines are available with in-line quality control inspection systems, including versions for tethered caps. These run on a software suite (CVs) that incorporates the latest opportunities offered by AI. Uniquely, SACMI incorporates such systems directly on the new injection press range (i.e. the PVS156 system on the IPS300 and IPS400 presses) to deliver sophisticated process control.


The SACMI Group consists of over 70 companies in 26 countries. It provides reliable, far-reaching assistance and spare parts services on all its markets. In addition to providing on-site assistance, SACMI has also built new features into the machines themselves. For example, sensor-based digital controls (SACMI Smart Pack) and in-Cloud services (SACMI Smart-Care) ensure increasingly proactive plant management and maintenance.
We look forward to seeing you at IPF – Bangladesh International Packaging Industry Fair (Dhaka, International Convention City Bashundhara, 24-27 January 2024), stand HALL 8 #120.

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