Top quality & digital technology for slabs: SACMI at Coverings 2023

Top quality & digital technology for slabs: SACMI at Coverings 2023

The appeal of investing in this dynamic Tile area continues to grow. Large sizes, with complete plant engineering solutions and innovative technology for slab decoration, to take center-stage at the Coverings fair in Orlando (FL)

Innovation, automation, sustainability: three hallmarks that are driving the popularity of SACMI products on the steadily growing American market. SACMI is now set to showcase those qualities at the Coverings fair in Orlando, FL (18-21 April 2023), inside the Acimac collective area but, for the very first time, on its own stand.

The market

With 280 million square meters per year - some 70% of which is still imported - the US market is one of the most dynamic in the global Tiles sector. This is why America continues to be extremely appealing, both for local producers and European ceramic companies who have established production facilities here.
So what is the US market asking for? Innovation at the highest level, comprehensive turnkey automation and state-of-the-art environmental sustainability. In short, everything offered by SACMI, already a key provider of technology to the major local and European players.

The technology

With several comprehensive orders finalized over the last two years, the US market has rewarded SACMI's extensive range of solutions for every key stage of production, from body preparation to molding and high-efficiency firing.
For example, various projects have seen the installation of continuous modular grinding mills – industry-leading solutions with unrivaled efficiency and low consumption – and latest-generation spray dryers. Downstream, we have the FMA Maestro kilns, the world's leading modulated air-gas solutions that ensure low consumption, optimize firing curve control and are specifically designed for large slabs.
At the heart of the plant lies forming. SACMI Continua+ has played a pivotal role in numerous projects, alongside traditional high-tonnage presses equipped with the SACMI-patented rapid mold changeover system (CRS).
The world’s number one ceramic plant engineer, SACMI digitally coordinates all its solutions: interfacing them with the HERE factory supervisor ensures advanced performance monitoring and smooth management of orders and production flows.

The product

In the USA, SACMI focuses on providing solutions for the high-end large tile and decorated slab market. This comprises the exciting kitchen countertop segment: these products deliver huge added value, as ceramic offers exceptional aesthetic potential, durability and sustainability.
So how is that achieved? Thanks to SACMI's world-beating Continua+ technology, which makes it possible to produce slabs 3 to 30 mm thick, of variable length and width (180 cm compaction front on the Continua+ 2120) also with through-veining effect. What’s more, effective in-body decoration faithfully replicates natural stone, offering a perfect response to aesthetic trends on all the mature markets (Europe and the Americas). These aspects go hand in hand with other acknowledged plus-points of Continua+: lowest specific consumption on the market at the compaction phase (0.05 kWh/m2), compacted waste always less than 1.5%, low hydraulic oil requirements.
On the finishing front, SACMI-BMR solutions ensure optimal post-processing control on ultra-large slabs, both in terms of surface processing and edge finishing, satisfying even the most demanding customers. Their high-performance lapping and polishing solutions are unique. For example, the exclusive BMR Supershine creates surfaces of extraordinary, lasting brilliance.


SACMI has been in the USA since 1994: almost 30 years that have allowed the Group to strengthen its position and reputation in every sector. The assistance services coordinated by SACMI USA, based in Des Moines, have played a huge role in this regard. In the case of Tiles, they include spare parts assistance and the punch and mold regeneration service provided by the branch in Lebanon (not far from Nashville) in Tennessee, the beating heart of American tile manufacturing.
Furthermore, through Italiansped, SACMI offers complete door-to-door shipping services anywhere in the world. The Italiansped motto, ‘We ship it easy’, says it all: multi-modal sea-land transport, special equipment to handle oversize loads, tailor-made solutions to tackle any challenge.


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