Keramull KM 610 SHD

Ceramic roller for roller kiln

Hyper-technical roller. The innovative production technique based on raw materials spraying and extremely high firing temperatures makes it suitable for use in maximum stress conditions.

Hi-tech ceramic roller KM 610 SHD

hi-tech roller featuring an extremely high elasticity modulus.  It is the ideal roller for managing large and heavy formats(>  50 kg/m²).  The roller assures top heat resistance.

Hi-tech ceramic roller KM 610 SHD
Al₂0₃ title 78%
Apparent density kg/dm³ 2.95
Apparent porosity 15%
Absorbed water 5%
M.O.E. 20°C ˂ 115 Gpa
Thermal dilation coefficient 5.0*(K-1 10-6)
maximum outer Ø mm 65

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