SPE Plana ejector

The SPE PLANA ejector is an optional that can be installed with 2450 mm gap to increase the press output at the same speed. The four independent pistons allow for maximum positioning accuracy and repeatability, guaranteeing a productivity increase of up to 60 per cent based on size.

* depending on the chosen size

Example of increased productivity

  • Dimension 15x120 cm
  • No. of cavities From 5 to 8
  • Productivity +60%(*)
  • Estimated annual increase by sq. m 1.000.000

Watch SPE Plana in action

The advantages of SPE Plana

  • It increases press productivity by up to 60%
  • More force: the tiles come out with twice the force of the standard SPE
  • Higher quality: perfect control of mould flatness
  • Mould assembly and disassembly operations are faster because at the front of the press
  • there are 4 independent pistons mechanically coupled to the moving part of the mould

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