Life extension

Specific machinery solutions always suited to your needs

Every machine may have to undergo many changes throughout its life. It may need different specifications, different production features, even different locations. We can help you go through all these changes and extend the life of your machines.

Upgrade / revamping

Innovative solutions created for new generations of machines can be developed to be installed also on a wide range of existing machines. SACMI has designed a number of solutions for you to increase the performance level of your system. Reduced consumption, increased efficiency, less waste, are just some of the objectives that our upgrading and revamping kits will allow you to obtain.

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Our lines can be adapted to ever-changing market needs. By relying on the right spare parts and the experience of SACMI experts, we can upgrade your machines to make them ready for new products.


If one of our lines is moved to a new factory, we can work in close cooperation with you through every stage of the process, from the creation of a layout to the coordination of manpower and logistics. The expertise of our technicians guarantees the necessary know-how and resources to achieve a quick and successful relocation.

Disposal / replacement / recycling

When a machine has reached the end of its life cycle, SACMI can help you choose the best way to manage its scrapping, supervising its decommissioning and handling. Also, every time you purchase a new SACMI machine, our technicians are available to coordinate the removal of the old machine and the installation of the new one so as to minimize your system downtime.

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