Modul Combi

Modular combined labeller

Through the combination of different application technologies, Opera Combi Modul is the most suitable answer to the requests for flexibility in labelling.

MODUL and COMBI Labeller. An innovative response to the latest market trends

The current market requirements present design and production challenges that can only be solved by a high degree of specialisation. Traditional" labellers are often inadequate to deal with requests such as, for example, the application of several labels on the same container by combining different technologies (adhesive, Cold-Glue, Hot-Melt, Roll-fed) or by adopting different materials for both containers (glass, plastic, metal, HDPE) and labels (paper, plastic). to meet these needs, SACMI has developed the MODUL and COMBI solutions. The wide range of models available allows for a production speed of up to 72,000 CPH to be reached. Each module consists of a fixed or removable station; the removable station can be easily connected and disconnected from the machine and replaced by another module of different technology.

MODUL and COMBI Labeller. An innovative response to the latest market trends

MODUL Configuration. Top of the market for flexibility, automation, ease of use

Flexibility and low footprint characterise the solutions. With the MODUL configuration, the labeller becomes plug & play, with the possibility for the customer to considerably reduce the size of the machine and at the same time take advantage of a simpler installation within new or existing lines. 



The labeller can be installed in various configurations, depending on the space available. The design of the machine allows it to be inserted into both new and existing production lines. 


Efficiency, reliability

Very high production standards (speeds up to 72,000CpH); design aimed at increasing production efficiency and reducing energy costs.


Automation, ease of use

Non-stop configurations (Master-Slave system in adhesive mode, automatic splicing in adhesive or Roll-fed mode, automatic warehouses in Cold-Glue mode); extreme simplicity of use for operators.



The machine has been designed to bring significant increases in production efficiency and cost reduction, particularly during frequent format changeovers.

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