Opera Autoadesiva

Self-adhesive labelling machine

It is a machine with one or more stations for the application of one or more self-adhesive labels. It can achieve very high performance and speed.

Labellers suitable for both linear and rotary machines

Special wedge shape with innovative design allows for installation on both rotary and linear machines

With its innovative design, the solution can be configured on both linear and rotary machines. The special wedge shape allows for the installation of two parallel labelling stations, which guarantees the non-stop MASTER/SLAVE function, i.e. the operation of the machine without stopping due to label roll change or any anomaly.

It can be equipped with:


SACMI LVS 360 - Control system

Camera vision systems to perform quality controls on the label. Thanks to sophisticated 3D algorithms, the LVS360 system can detect a wide range of labelling defects, even small ones (alignment defects, symmetry, gluing, printing defects, product-label association errors, etc.). The machine can process both cylindrical and shaped bottles at a speed of up to 72,000 bph. Made entirely of stainless steel, it meets the most stringent standards of the food and beverage industry.


Servomotors for the rotation and orientation of the containers

Available with optical or mechanical label centring system. Thanks to the ad hoc software developed, it is also possible to manage containers of complex shapes and to automate their orientation on the basis of any reference point present on the container itself


Variable data overprinting

Variable label data such as batch numbers, expiration dates, etc. can be overprinted with optional equipment, such as hot or dry printers - if the label is still on the backing film - or by ink-jet or laser after the label has been applied to the container.


Vision system for Electronic Orientation

Vision system with cameras for container orientation. The new-generation Electronic Orientation vision systems are based on one or two high-speed, high-precision cameras. Thanks to advanced algorithms developed by SACMI R&D, they guarantee maximum orientation precision, with the possibility of compensating the geometric and perspective deformations of the bottles. 

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