Cersanit: further investments in SACMI RobotGlaze

Cersanit: further investments in SACMI RobotGlaze

New supply to extend production at its base in Krasnystaw, Poland. Cersanit continues to invest in SACMI-Gaiotto robotized glazing solutions, consolidating more than 25 years of successful partnership. 

Cersanit and SACMI-Gaiotto have enjoyed a partnership lasting more than a quarter of a century in the field of robotized glazing solutions. Now the European multi-national quality sanitaryware manufacturer has invested in a new SACMI RobotGlaze line for its production plant in Krasnystaw, Poland.

The Polish site is one of the main European bases of the Cersanit Group and is at the centre of its ambitious plan to boost production at both factories in Krasnystaw with cutting edge technology. The new line is an addition to the identical supply which has already been in operation for several months.

The SACMI robotized application stands out for its ability to achieve high levels of quality and process repeatability. Furthermore, the solution cuts out the need for manual operations thus facilitating smart control of the glazing programs. The robot supplied – a 9-axis GA2000 – can, in fact, be programmed with self-learning or Smart Offline; the Gaiotto-owned software which works as a true “digital twin” to the cell, programming robot tasks without interfering with ordinary production.  

The new solution started up is provided with all the exclusive SACMI solutions to optimize glaze trajectories (MassControl®), reducing the overspray, and with the market-leading GDA80 spray-gun. Both the glazing and inspection booths are equipped with a dry filter system for complete recovery of the glaze, thus minimizing waste and respecting the environment. Handling is also fully automatic, from glazing of the piece and syphon to deposit of the glazed item on the bar conveyor for transfer to the kiln.  

As with the previous supply, the new line is mainly dedicated to glazing top-of-the-range WC bowls which are distributed and sold by Cersanit from its base at Krasnystaw to customers all around the world.

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