Casting systems - AVM

Casting plants for single-mould WC bowls and bidets

Single-mould casting module for open or closed rim WC bowls and bidets.

The best selling ever with over 250 installations worldwide

Typically consisting of a main press for producing the bowl in 4 or 5 mould parts and a press for producing the rim.

Number of moulds 1
Mould dimensions max. LxAxD (mm x mm x mm) mm 980/1180 x 760 x 850
Indicative cycle time min 15 - 25
Max. clamping force kN 600, 600, 600
Max. casting pressure bar 15

The best available solution to produce complex bowls

High-performance, reliable, flexible. With these three keywords, the SACMI AVM casting cell has taken world markets by storm, with all the advantages of a modular platform that focuses on the mould and allows the customer to have the utmost freedom in managing automation and interlocks.

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