Mosbuild 2021, SACMI sends the market a clear message

Mosbuild 2021, SACMI sends the market a clear message

Attending the fair under the direction of SACMI Moscow, the Group will showcase new products together with local customers. A great opportunity to get a close look at a wide range of technological developments for every stage of the ceramic-making process

SACMI is set to play a central role at the 26th edition of the international Mosbuild fair in Moscow (30 March-2 April, Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center).
The SACMI stand will display slabs and tiles produced by local customers using a wide range of tile-making solutions, from the traditional to the most technologically advanced, such as Continua+, the global benchmark for cutting-edge slab, tile and sub-size manufacturing.
Thanks to SACMI Moscow’s organization and their 34-strong sales and technical assistance team, SACMI will be taking advantage of the event to send the market a clear message by showcasing innovative technology for every stage of ceramic manufacturing, from body preparation to end-of-line operations. What’s more, the stand will also feature two maxi-touchscreens, allowing customers to learn more about the latest tile, sanitaryware & tableware solutions.
Moreover, SACMI Moscow staff will be on hand to illustrate key developments in forming; this largely concerns the new SACMI Continua+ 2180, faster and more versatile that ever and capable of handling every type of slab or sub-size. Alongside it, stand the new Deep Digital decoration solutions, which merge the ‘digital’ with the ‘material’ (as part of an overall digital control approach to the plant) to produce tiles with unparalleled aesthetic effects and unmatched depth. Last but not least, the new Maestro kiln range, which guarantees quality and low consumption whatever the production conditions, plus cutting-edge automated plant and order control provided by the SACMI HERE supervisor.
The latest Sanitaryware&Tableware technology - such as RobotCasting, RobotGlaze and Qualitrack - will also be in the spotlight; SACMI sales specialists will be at the stand to provide customers with in-depth info as needed.
Despite this challenging moment for the global economy, SACMI is readier than ever to provide customers worldwide with close support, especially on the strategic Russian market, which has always rewarded the outstanding quality of SACMI products and services.

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