Third EMVA International Forum, SACMI Introduces Itself to the Worlds of University and Research.

Third EMVA International Forum, SACMI Introduces Itself to the Worlds of University and Research.

Introducing the quantity and scope of the work developed by the company on image processing systems to the worlds of university and research is why SACMI will be attending the third European Machine Vision Forum international symposium in Bologna from September 5 to 7, 2018. Hosted by the Bologna Business School and organised by the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA), the aim of the meeting is to foster networking activities between vision system manufacturers and users and academic research in order to accelerate technology transfer and – even more importantly – encourage the training of new highly specialised professionals.

One of the appointments of the event will be the special "Italian evening" (Wednesday, September 5) during which companies will be invited to introduce themselves and their activities in the areas of vision system research, design and marketing. SACMI Vision Systems Software Manager Donato Laico will briefly present the new fields of research that the company is currently focusing on, particularly in the area of artificial intelligence and three-dimensional inspection systems, with results that span far beyond single application areas and potentially represent the applied research horizon at the service of all the business of the entire group.

In the background, there is the continuous relationship between SACMI and major Italian universities for developing projects in the fields of image processing and artificial vision systems. Three students of Prof. Luigi di Stefano from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DISI) of Bologna University are currently working on their dissertations in SACMI. From this point of view, the European Machine Vision Forum is an important contribution of Bologna University to foster scientific research and for SACMI is a key opportunity to consolidate its name in universities and, consequently, its ability to attract young talents in the highly specialised areas of great potential development, such as computer science and automation applied to the development of advanced vision and quality control systems.

LINK: 3° European Machine Vision Forum

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