SACMI in the Italian top 100 for robotics and automation

SACMI in the Italian top 100 for robotics and automation

Presented in Rome by Enel and the Symbola Foundation, a special report offers clear recognition of SACMI's capacity to develop and supply the very best digital technology throughout the Sanitaryware&Tableware value chain

When it comes to automation and robotics, SACMI leads the way: a view clearly stated in the report commissioned by Enel and the Symbola Foundation, which examined 100 businesses representing excellence in this field.
One of the “top 100” ’automation firms was Gaiotto, a SACMI Group company synonymous with robotized sanitaryware glazing worldwide. The report was presented on 5th February in Rome at a special event held in the Enel Auditorium in viale Regina Margherita.
The event (mediated by journalist and TG1 newsreader Barbara Carfagna) was opened by students and researchers from Italy who took part in the Zero Robotics competition promoted by NASA, winning international acclaim. More in-depth information was then provided by professors and researchers from key Italian robotics, smart machine, bioengineering and product digital design institutes.
For the SACMI Sanitaryware & Tableware Division the report provides satisfying recognition of its years-long, ground-breaking research into (and implementation of) new digital technology along the entire value chain, from product development to mould production, from casting to glazing and handling.

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