Ceramica Alice chooses SACMI-Gaiotto robotized glazing

Ceramica Alice chooses SACMI-Gaiotto robotized glazing

Ceramica Alice installs a new GA2000 robot within its fully automated SACMI glazing line. For the Italian sanitaryware company, based in Civita Castellana, the new installation represents a strategic investment towards continuous improvement of quality and process efficiency. 

Ceramica Alice is committed to offering customers optimum 100% Italian quality in the manufacture of design WCs and washbasins and it is to further this goal that the company recently invested in SACMI robotized glazing technology purchasing a new GA2000 glazing robot.
The investment marks the start-up of the factory’s first SACMI glazing line complete with transfer system and auxiliary devices serving the robot.  Renowned throughout the world as a benchmark of robotized glazing, the distinctive feature of the GA2000 robot is the possibility to program the glazing recipes off-line, thus accelerating the development and time-to-market of new products.  
Already commissioned and started-up with success, this latest generation robot is at the heart of the new SACMI glazing line at Ceramica Alice, made up of two inspection booths installed before the cell, a four-position carousel for glazing, foot cleaning device and all the automatic handling systems which enable the piece to be transferred from the inspection area to the zone where they are loaded onto the kiln cars.
Every stage of the production process is fully automated meaning manual operations are eliminated thus facilitating the work of the operators so they can be assigned to skilled tasks. The investment also confirms the commitment of Ceramica Alice’s management to ensuring environmental sustainability, thanks to the SACMI mass-control system for controlling the quantity of glaze delivered as well as the dry filter system which enables recovery of excess glaze thus minimizing waste and environmental costs linked to the disposal of waste process water.
The glaze spraying operations are carried out by the SACMI GDA80 spray-gun, the needle-free solution now leading product on the market due to its unique efficiency and zero maintenance features. 
With this important investment, the Civita Castellana based company consolidates its growth through the use of the best technology available today for the robotized glazing of sanitaryware. For SACMI it is a further confirmation of its ability to recognize and react to the twin requirement of the sanitaryware market for quality and total automation and, at the same time, process efficiency and sustainability. 

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