Halcón, market-leading quality and versatility with SACMI technology

Halcón, market-leading quality and versatility with SACMI technology

Spain's major player turns to SACMI to set up its new Alcora plant. Order includes latest-generation presses, dryer, kiln and advanced automation plus the option of the revolutionary DDG decoration unit

Productivity, versatility and automation are essential for meeting the needs of today's markets: hence the decision by the Halcón Group, Spain's leading ceramic-making player, to entrust SACMI with all the key supplies for their new H2 plant, soon to be built in Alcora alongside the existing site.
Part of a wider project that includes two new showrooms and a logistics centre, the new plant will feature state-of-the-art SACMI technology for the manufacture of medium-large tiles. At the heart of the line lie two PH8200 presses, connected to a 5-tier horizontal dryer. Downstream, the firing department - with a SACMI FMA kiln, fed by the dryer - features all the latest quality and energy efficiency technology.
Further core elements include measures to boost line versatility (from the maxi-compensator at the kiln infeed, to make size changeovers easier and faster, to LGV-assisted conveyor systems to feed the sanding, squaring and sorting lines). Factory reconfiguration means that Halcón will be able to manage the warehouse flexibly according to market demand, dynamically integrating storage of finished products and semi-finished items still to undergo further cutting or lapping.
In keeping with the SACMI policy that aims to provide customers with nothing less than outstanding product aesthetics, Halcón also has the option of equipping the plant with a DDG digital decorator, the revolutionary SACMI machine that integrates dry and wet decoration processes. Installed at the end of the glazing line, the DDG lets manufacturers create products of unmatched aesthetics and depth thanks to multiple, parallel applications of glues, grits and other surface/in-body effects.

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