Range of modular labellers

Range of modular labellers designed to allow maximum flexibility of use in a market of continuous and constant evolution. The proposed machines are suitable for packaging lines from 1,000 to 25,000 containers per hour with the application of adhesive labels, cold glue, hot glue or mixed.

Maximum versatility thanks to the modular structure and the KUBE labeller remote system

The carousel can be equipped with labelling stations on fixed or mobile modules, choosing the desired solutions.

The modules, added or converted into kblock or Kdrive, over time, leave the user with the option of creating numerous packaging combinations.

Maximum versatility thanks to the modular structure and the KUBE labeller remote system

Labelling units

  • The KREO R/SP adhesive unit was created to guarantee maximum precision and reliability. Placed on four manually or automatically adjustable axes, it can work with paper or transparent supports with 400mm rolls up to a speed of 90m/min.
  • The CG glue labelling unit, through a servo-assisted movement, reduces energy consumption thanks to the high efficiency of the mechanical transmissions. The reduction in glue consumption is achieved thanks to a new and more evolved unit geometry.
  • The HOT-MELT labelling station uses an established system from our partner NORDSON; the integration of the spray system with our technical solutions makes KUBE HOTMELT technology precise and reliable.

The best SACMI response to a market in continuous and constant evolution



Innovative ergonomic base technology makes vital machine parts easily accessible, facilitating operator intervention

Reduced maintenance

Great effort has been dedicated, in the design phase, to the reduction of maintenance needs, minimising operating times and costs thanks to the implementation of innovative solutions and the use of specific materials. 

Labelling units

Important innovations regarding the labelling stations, designed according to the criteria of ergonomics, maximum precision and reliability over time. 


The central support beam for height, depth, application angle and parallelism adjustment is also innovative. Station interchange is facilitated by the use of electromagnets, which ensure a precise and robust anchorage of the station to the carousel. 

Ergonomics and accessibility

The new shape of the base optimises the accessibility and the general ergonomics of the machine, making it easier to set up and change formats. Reduced maintenance cycles, high efficiency of components to limit energy consumption. 

The new shape of the base makes the accessibility and general ergonomics of the machine excellent for tooling and format changeover operations, significantly reducing time. Routine maintenance cycles of the machine have been reduced, thus reducing operating costs, thanks to the use of high-performance and technological materials. The machine has been designed with highly efficient components to reduce energy consumption. The design commitment has led to the possibility of reconfiguring the machine over time so as to extend its use, adapting it to the changing needs of the market.

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