Opera Cold Glue

Cold glue labelling machine

This is a rotary machine for the cold glue application of one or more pre-cut labels on containers of various shapes and materials.

Speed and flexibility


Multiplicity of configurations

The labeller can be installed in a variety of configurations, depending on the space available. In addition to the in-line configuration, parallel, corner and other configurations can be selected.


Labelling accuracy

The accurate application of the labels, guaranteed by the special control system of the position of the container, allows to minimise the waste of materials. The labeller has been designed to be totally eco-compatible, with very high standards of efficiency and minimum cleaning times;


Ease of use and maintenance

Extreme ease of use, maintenance and cleaning, reduced changeover times, possibility to manage containers of any type and shape. 


Speed and flexibility

Innovative labelling stations ensure fast and flexible label changing operations, as well as handling all types of packaging, including the "no-label look" effect

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