SACMI Beverage to play pivotal role at the CFIA fair in Rennes

SACMI Beverage to play pivotal role at the CFIA fair in Rennes

From the initial ‘product idea’ to the best technologies to manufacture it: SACMI to present a vast range of solutions, all designed to deliver versatility, sustainability and high performance. SACMI Beverage to make its first appearance at CFIA, France's ‘gold standard’ beverage & food processing event 

SACMI Beverage is set to make its debut at the 26th edition of CFIA, the beverage & food processing innovation exhibition to be held at Rennes, France (Rennes Pack Expo, 14-16 March 2023). The only supplier to the industry to develop technologies for every stage of the process and provide comprehensive guidance on both materials and product, SACMI looks forward to presenting an unparalleled range that focuses on
versatility, high performance and environmental-friendliness. 

From design to finished product

How is a new product created? Out of a brand, an identity and, increasingly, a desire to stand out. So, to help customers do so successfully, SACMI Beverage has established a new Packaging Center, a high-added-value service that provides close customer support: from ‘product idea’ to design and development, all the way to the optimal machine-plant configuration to manufacture it. 
With regard to PET - one of the market’s most sought-after materials on account of its excellent recyclability - SACMI offers a selection of over 1,000 cap-preform designs co-developed with leading customers worldwide. Moreover, the Packaging Center helps customers develop further fine-tuned ‘recipes’ to meet their production/market requirements. 

A vast range of technologies

The Packaging Center is just one of several services that complements the machine/plant range SACMI Beverage has supplied to the industry for more than two decades. That range spans from preform development to stretch-blow molding, filling and label application: solutions compatible with a huge variety of systems, materials and manufacturing needs. 

SACMI provides further opportunities in the form of COMBO, which merges stretch-blow molder and filler on a single platform, thus simplifying line management. Uniting perfect inter-process synchronization with the elimination of manual tasks, COMBO is also available with an ultra-clean set-up. 

All SACMI stretch-blow molders are designed to operate with preforms made from rPET (recycled PET) and are available (on both stand-alone and COMBO units) in an XL configuration to handle larger sizes (up to 12 L). Another key trait is the dual cavity; with standard formats, this can double productivity. 

A unique multi-labelling platform

Among the most popular on the market, SACMI Beverage labelers offer outstanding modularity, allowing users to manage the most diverse technologies and labeling systems on a variety of products and materials, all with a single platform. 

Self-adhesive. Hot-melt. Cold-glue. All these systems can be managed effectively - and implemented with gradual investment - by acting on individual plug&play modules. In parallel, SACMI provides roll-fed solutions for the wrap-around labeling of any cylindrical/shaped PET, glass or metal container, all at ultra-high speeds and with low maintenance and fast size changeovers. 

BIB, a profitable (and sustainable) outlook

SACMI has long led the way in Bag-In-Box packaging solutions for wine, oil and - thanks to recent developments - water. Intrinsically sustainable as it requires less packaging and simpler logistics, SACMI BIB offers outstanding features. For example, product shelf-life is maximized, even after opening (the product comes into very little contact with oxygen, less than 2.5 ppm), and precision filling can be as fast as 2,850 bottles/hour. 

FFS, now for PET too

Safe, high-performance, flexible. This is SACMI FFS, the consolidated form-fill-seal technology designed to keep pace with the most recent trends on the dairy market. An industry standard-setter for years, FFS now combines container thermoforming, filling, sealing and labelling... all on one system! 

In addition to total automation and a reduced footprint, the solution provides customers with plenty of scope for customization as it can handle all commercially available thermo-formable plastic films (PS, PP, PLA). Also available is the new pre-cut solution for PET film. This responds to a growing need for sustainability in the food industry and uses a material that is, as stated, fully recyclable. 

From the SACMI Laboratory - a cutting-edge developer of new technological solutions for green packaging - comes a solution for forming yoghurt pots (or probiotic drink bottles). This offers all the advantages of compression, a technology in which SACMI leads the world. It’s also in line with the most recent regulatory developments and responds to growing consumer awareness of sustainable packaging. 

Visit the SACMI stand at CFIA 2023 (HALL 10 Stand G3/G5). Book your free ticket. 

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