A unique partner for sustainable packaging. SACMI at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

A unique partner for sustainable packaging. SACMI at Gulfood Manufacturing 2023

The range of machines and systems for the food and beverage sector continues to evolve. From cap and pre-form production technologies to integration with complete bottling lines, through to the processing and primary and secondary wrapping of chocolate and other food and non-food products, together with the ability to monitor products thanks to sophisticated and reliable vision systems.


A complete platform designed to generate competitive advantages in the packaging sector, in terms of efficiency, sustainability and performance. This is what SACMI is proposing at the 2023 edition of Gulfood Manufacturing (Dubai World Trade Center, 7-9 November), the main event in the Gulf area dedicated to packaging & processing technologies.

Caps and preforms. Product innovation (and the technologies for implementing it)

SACMI has recently further expanded its range of new caps specifically conceived for the 26/22 mm standard for water and CSD. The aim is to make it easier for the market to move towards more sustainable but equally high-performance packaging that is also innovative in terms of design.
The starting point is the expertise of the SACMI Rigid Packaging Laboratory, which develops and tests products together with the customer. For example, with the new cap-neck, proposing systems that can typically save up to 30% resin for the same product and format while maintaining or improving the original performance, but also, starting from the most common standards such as the PCO1881 and developing lighter necks and caps according to the needs of individual customers / markets.
From the point of view of technology, SACMI has a unique ability to propose complete technological solutions for each stage of the process: cap and preform production, the complete testing and studies focused on functionality and sealing according to the criteria required by the major brands in the global market. The CCM (continuous compression moulding) presses for caps, which are already a point of reference for the sector, have been enhanced with new mechanical features (such as the new CM-Flow extruder) and software (such as the innovative Smart Pack control package). At a glance, these solutions are primarily designed to increase plant availability and process efficiency, supporting the customer's technicians in predicting operation and consequently planning maintenance work, thereby guaranteeing the best performance and reliability over time of both the machine and individual components.
The "Computer Vision" revolution for every item used in Rigid Packaging (the cap, the preform, but also the container and the label) is an integral part of SACMI's strategy of offering optional CVS for all its systems. Only SACMI is able to offer this type of solution as it possesses the knowledge of all these technologies and knows how to integrate them. These include the brand new PVS156, the market first solution integrated directly into the latest generation preform presses, the IPS300 and the IPS400.

Labelling machines and complete bottling lines

The opportunity of plant integration – caps and preforms production, and therefore integration with bottling lines – is characteristic of SACMI worldwide, particularly in those areas (Africa and the Middle East) where there is an increasing tendency for local brand owners and bottlers to choose turnkey solutions, the turnkey plant, with the guarantee of a single partner like SACMI.
In addition to the complete bottling lines – blow moulding, filling and container closure – one of SACMI Beverage's "mainstays" are its labelling machines. They have been developed to deliver high performance (up to 81,000 applications per hour) and designed with a modular approach to enable versatile operation on the same platform with a combination of different materials, formats and labelling systems (cold glue, roll-fed, self-adhesive and hot melt).
SACMI's fast, accurate and easy to use FlexiOPERA range of labelling machines are also available with the LVS for integrated quality control of the label.

Chocolate processing machines, primary and secondary packaging of food products

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate develops complete systems for the processing and moulding of chocolate and the primary and secondary packaging of chocolate and other food products. 'Everything for chocolate - packaging for everything' is the motto of the company, which stands out among technology suppliers for its ability to offer turnkey solutions, with customised proposals and considerable expertise in the various stages. 
In terms of chocolate processing and moulding – the company's historic business for over 110 years under the Carle & Montanari brand – the solutions offered stand out for their unique versatility among technology providers. In fact, SACMI Packaging & Chocolate proposes solutions based on the specific production requirements of each customer. It is also able to guarantee the same performance and advantages of high-output lines even for the new "mini-lines" for chocolate preparation and moulding, for small to medium production volumes.
There is an increasingly large range of integrated solutions for primary flowpack and secondary packaging that respond to the market increasingly diverse approach in terms of the variety of formats, products to be packaged and compatibility with different packaging materials. Here too, the wide range of solutions allows competitive proposals to be made, even for medium speeds and production volumes. 
Lastly, ease of use, simplified design, quick format changeover distinguish the wrapping machines for chocolate and candy products, which focus on high versatility and enable you to handle many different formats. 


In addition to technology, one of SACMI's calling cards throughout the world is its extensive support service. The point of reference for the area is SACMI Middle East, with a dedicated team and the ability to offer comprehensive services, both on-site and remotely, in synergy with the Italian parent company. New opportunities from this point of view include new digital services such as SACMI Smart Care, which makes remote assistance service easier and helps the system to keep maximum performance over time. 

Visit the SACMI stand at Gulfood Manufacturing, Dubai, World Trade Center, 7-9 November 2023 (Shk Saeed Hall 3, booth S3-C34)

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