With the XL range, SACMI completes its array of PET bottle stretch-blow moulding and filling solutions

Following the success of its dual cavity solutions, SACMI presents a new range of stretch-blow moulders for larger formats. This latest machine range - supplied in COMBO with SACMI's popular AWS and AWF fillers - offers efficient handling of containers holding up to 12 litres and output rates as high as 7,200 bottles/hour.

With the new range of XL stretch-blow moulders, SACMI integrates and completes its array of solutions for the beverage industry. XL extends the range of producible formats and focuses on productivity, compactness, flexibility and the efficient management of different formats.
Following the worldwide success of dual cavity stretch-blow moulders – which allow the machine to be used with one mould or two, thus doubling output rates with small-medium sizes – SACMI now aims, with XL, to intercept a market trend that requires, especially on emerging markets, complete solutions designed for the efficient management of larger sizes.
More specifically, the new SBF stretch-blow moulder for large sizes – available with 3, 4 and 6 cavities – can handle sizes ranging from 3 to 12 litres at output rates from 2,000 to 7,200 bottles an hour; it can also operate in line with the popular SACMI AWS and AWF electronic-volumetric fillers used to fill PET bottles with still water and other non-carbonated drinks.
Designed to enhance ergonomics and reduce/simplify maintenance, this SACMI range features an innovative by-the-neck handling system – to minimise size changeover times when processing containers with different volumes but identical finishes – and electronic control of every stage of filling, performed using contactless valves to eliminate any risk of product contamination.
Proposed as a COMBO, the large-format stretch-blow moulder and filler highlight SACMI's decision to focus on compactness and process efficiency, thus making the platform easy to install on existing plants. Compactness and ergonomics are particularly evident on the new XL model, with advantages spanning from ease of installation to the conveyor system, which avoids the "bulkiness" that can incur additional costs. Moreover, the decision to use a single frame for both the stretch-blow moulder and the oven reduces on-site installation times.
We've also focused on reducing energy consumption. The oven employs the high efficiency reflector system; already included in the standard stretch-blower range, this system reduces electricity consumption by 25%(*). What’s more, the dual-stage air blow recovery system (pre-blow and blow) gives customers a further dual advantage: a significantly smaller compressor and lower control power requirements.
Designed to stretch-blow/fill bottles containing still water or food oil, the new XL solution was - after initial prototype development and in keeping with SACMI tradition - put through a full battery of industrial tests to give customers guaranteed reliability and efficiency. By the end of April the new XL stretch-blower will be in operation on the premises of one of the industry's major players.
In this way, then, SACMI aims to meet a growing demand for complete solutions on emerging markets (Asia, Africa, South America) where the company's move to become a complete plant engineering provider for every stage of the beverage line has proved highly successful. Thanks to its far-reaching Global Network and the advanced after-sales service package supplied by the SACMI Customer Service Division, customers can also count on remote assistance from a specialised SACMI technician throughout the working life of machine and plant and can also implement cutting-edge maintenance engineering functions.
(*) Compared to the previous kiln version.
With the XL range, SACMI completes its array of PET bottle stretch-blow moulding and filling solutions

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