Metal Pressing Machines

crown closures press

PTC 600

crown closures press

PTC series presses are the outcome of our long-standing experience in this industry, characterized by a major reduction in the total cost of the product and extremely short ROI times, on top of an outstanding productivity.

  • The press and sheet loading system are completely separated, preventing transfer of residual vibration from the press to the load system.
  • Flywheel contained inside the main machine structure, guaranteeing reduced overall dimensions.
  • Low positioning of main shaft to ensure a centre of gravity as close as possible to the ground.
  • High-rigidity structure designed to reduce vibration.
  • Easy access to the upper and inner area for easier maintenance.

PTC 600 - technical data

output shells/min up to 6000
max rotation speed rpm 230
max blanking diameter mm 38
max shell height mm 6,63
max shell width mm 909
max shell length mm 1040
max number of punches 27
stokes per sheet - SHORT and INTERMEDIATE crowns 25 > 29
stokes per sheet - STANDARD crowns 24 > 26


aluminum closure press

Double-action mechanical sheet press for the production of aluminum closures, suitable for operation with multi-punch dies and aluminum sheets.

  • Moulds that allow use of commercially available aluminum coils. This eliminates the need to sub-divide sheets into strips, thus giving gains during coating and printing.
  • Precise, reliable sheet feed system that reduces scrap, easily making unit consumption of aluminum the lowest compared to other systems.
  • Automatic sheet feeder able to pick from different pallets, thus eliminating pallet changeover downtimes.
  • Automation and control systems that make the machine perfectly safe and independent: no operator assistance required.
  • Pneumatically controlled brake unit.
  • Automatic lubrication.

PTV 019 - technical data

output shells/min up to 2563
min sheet dimention mm 676x840
max sheet dimention mm 914x1040
number of punches 15 > 19
stokes per sheet 13 > 19
vertical press for metal sheets


vertical press for metal sheets

Single-action mechanical press for the production of ring-pull closures suitable for multi-tool molds. The production process consists in taking precut aluminum sheets with scroll profile and molding the caps.

PTS - technical data

output shells/min up to 1300
number of punches 7
molding force kN 600
average absorbed power (at max throughput) kW 6,1

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