Form-Fill-Seal packaging machines for the food industry

Form-Fill-Seal packaging machines for the food industry

Wide range of configurations, in aseptic and non-aseptic versions, with productivity up to 100 thousand containers per hour for sizes from 10 to 250 ml

Also available in a "smart" version, FFS incorporates into the wide range of SACMI solutions for packaging in clean, ultra-clean (Esl - extended self life) and aseptic versions. Among the advantages there is the possibility of integrating the packaging machine with the SACMI device for the application of shrink sleeves also in multi-packaging configuration.

The advantages of a one-step solution

A unique industrial partner, less storage costs, more product quality assurance

The Form-Fill-Seal technology - starting from 2 rolls of material, one for the thermoformable plastic film for the container and one for the heat-sealable lid on a plastic screen - allows to produce containers that are formed, filled with product and sealed in a single process. Compared to fill-seal technology, this type of packaging means that the process is responsible for the entire production cycle and makes it possible to reduce the costs of storing packaging materials, ensuring better and more reliable hygienic conditions at the same time.

Quality, zero risk of product contamination, longer shelf life



The machine is equipped with a closed tunnel with overpressure of ultra-filtered air to protect the container as well as the product from the external environment. Also the lid material is sanitized using infra-red or UV lamps that kill the bacteria present, thus reducing contamination.


ESL (Extended Shelf Life)

For even better results, sterile air is used inside the tunnel instead of filtered air. Total hygiene is guaranteed by steam treatment of the absolute filters. Also, UV rays are used instead of infrared rays for more effective sterilization.



o guarantee the extended shelf-life of products with high and low acidity, distributed without refrigeration, Benco Pack FFS machines is equipped with a patented sterile system that prevents bacterial contamination of the products during packaging through sterilization of the machine with steam and hydrogen peroxide, also sterilizing packaging materials with H2O2, and continuous overpressure of sterile air during packaging.


Improved Shelf-life

Even in the "hygienic" version, all operations are carried out in a controlled environment with air overpressure to avoid any contact with the external environment. To increase shelf life, ultra-hygienic and totally aseptic systems are also available, thanks to patented SACMI solutions to prevent any form of bacterial contamination during the process.

Integrated Sleeve Applicator

  • Packaging appeal: brighter printing and transparent colours and higher graphic resolution
  • Cup shapes: suitable for a wide range of body shape
  • Steam consumptions: up to 10 times lower than the traditional shrinking tunnel
  • Suitable for hot filling and for fully aseptic machine (isotonic drinks, juices, UHT dairy desserts)
  • Decoration on multipacks without format change
  • Machine output from 6.000 to 36.000 cup/h


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