From packaging to complete bottling lines: SACMI’s winning approach to the Nigerian market

From packaging to complete bottling lines: SACMI’s winning approach to the Nigerian market

Company to exhibit at Propak West Africa (Lagos Landmark Center, November 22-24, 2022). In the spotlight: the complete Rigid Packaging and Beverage range, developed to deliver sustainability, versatility and performance, all with a sharp focus on service

From the design of the product to the best technologies needed to make it, all the way to the complete bottling and labeling line. This winning approach by SACMI aims to generate further opportunities for growth in Nigeria, where Propak West Africa, the leading West African packaging & processing fair, is set to be held from 22 to 24 November.
More than 5,500 professionals are expected at the Landmark Center in Lagos. In the Italian collective area (n. 2A14), they’ll have an opportunity to get a close look at the complete SACMI range, packed with cutting-edge solutions that make the company a key partner of the country’s leading international brand owners. That success stems from a unique ability to oversee every aspect of the order, from the cap-preform to the full, capped and labeled container, with outstanding service every step of the way.
Tethered (and lightweight) r-evolution
The world’s leading technology provider for cap lines, SACMI is already ahead of market developments aimed at establishing a new tethered standard. Our solutions have two cornerstones: first, an innovative, flexible process that involves creating the tethered cap in post-processing (slitting-folding machine); second, intensive R&D, which has led to the development and launch of a complete range of tethered caps, adaptable to most necks on the market and, therefore, able to meet every production need.
Already compulsory on European markets, tethered caps are representative of a global effort to limit the dispersion of plastic into the environment. Moreover, they go hand in hand with SACMI’s cap and preform production lines, which let manufacturers make ever-lighter, higher-performance caps and containers. In the last 24 months alone, the lightweighting process has seen the market launch new standards - such as the 26/22 mm necks - which combine low weight and high output rates with an unmatched consumer experience.
At the heart of these developments lie the expertise and services provided by the SACMI Rigid Packaging Laboratory. This facility has developed over 1,000 complete cap-preform designs for customers worldwide, delivering certified solutions that undergo comprehensive pre-industrialization trials.
Cap-preform lines towards 4.0
From the product to the technologies. SACMI cap-preform lines feature next-gen controls that boost line performance and simplify management. To begin with, SACMI’s world-beating CCM compression-technology cap presses can now be provided with the innovative Smart Pack, a control package designed to ensure that cap production evolves to include the three core elements of 4.0 digital manufacturing: re-action, feedback on process, prevention&prediction.
Heightened plant availability - together with user-friendly control - is just one of the advantages of the system: a system that now joins a new generation of high-efficiency, compact CM-Flow extruders and the consolidated COOL+ mold, which boosts productivity and reduces consumption (e.g. lower water requirements).
Quality control as a tool for gathering valuable information on the process, not just the product: that’s the philosophy behind the PVS 156, a new system for intensive preform inspection. The latter is now available as an integrated IPS 300 press device, offering a new-concept, versatile, high performance solution that yields high productivity, low energy consumption and lets manufacturers work with 100% rPET or blends with up to 75% PET in recycled flake form.
From packaging to complete bottling lines
The SACMI Packaging Center is a new SACMI Beverage service that complements the company’s complete stretch-blowing, bottling and labeling lines, a range that has, in Nigeria, seen extraordinary growth in terms of the quantity and quality of the installed machine pool. The service encapsulates what makes SACMI unique: an ability to provide product-specific consultancy thanks to an unmatched all-round understanding of cap and preform lines.
On markets where the main projects are complete ‘green field’ plants, SACMI Beverage technology and services are powerful growth drivers as they offer revolutionary solutions with the capacity to maximize format-related line productivity and profitability. Solutions like SmartBlo - available in a single or double cavity version - offer electronic process management, while a new generation of EquaFill filling machines, now available with an electronically controlled capping machine, ensure smart management and zero maintenance.
Completing the range is FLEXI OPERA, a modular labelling machine that works according to a multi-material, multi-platform logic, ensuring it can handle and label any type of container. A variety of configurations and a plug & play approach make FLEXI OPERA ideal if you want to take an incremental, flexible approach to investment as it allows modules to be added later on to meet changing production needs. Hard-wearing and reliable, OPERA features innovative design, premium materials and enhanced hardware, making it suitable for even the harshest industrial environments.
In Nigeria, the SACMI Beverage range is already a firm favorite with producers; now, they can look forward to a strengthening of local facilities and the provision of outstanding assistance and service at every stage. More specifically, the SACMI Beverage service includes preventive maintenance and assistance plans: these ensure high-quality, worry-free production, so that customers always get the best long-term returns on their investment in SACMI technology.

Visit the SACMI stand at Propak West Africa inside the Italian collective area (n. 2A14). We look forward to seeing you!


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