Quality, safety, affordability: SACMI presents CBF, opening up new horizons for the pharma industry

Quality, safety, affordability: SACMI presents CBF, opening up new horizons for the pharma industry

A revolutionary technology that merges the very best characteristics of alternative solutions, opening up a whole new frontier for the pharma sector: this is SACMI CBF, the SACMI container manufacturing platform that uses compression technology.

SACMI will soon be heading to CPHI (18-19 June 2019) - the international conference bringing pharma market players together in Shanghai (New International Expo Centre) - to illustrate the technology in greater depth and showcase its advantages. “A new technology for pharmaceutical containers” (the title of the SACMI talk, scheduled to take place on the first day from 13.40 to 14.20) will show how the new machine operates and illustrate several cases where it has already been used on plants to excellent effect.

There are at least 6 good reasons to go for SACMI CBF. First, SACMI's ability to transfer all the advantages of an intrinsically superior technology like compression to container manufacturing (note that the Group is already the world's leading provider of compression-type cap manufacturing technology). The second advantage is that SACMI CBF combines the very best characteristics of alternative technologies such as EBM (extrusion blow moulding) and IBM (injection blow moulding), allowing manufacturers to reduce weight by up to 30% without affecting performance, with consequently lower cycle times.

Third: thanks to the continuous plastic extrusion process, the use of a melt-pump and the construction of precision moulds, process repeatability in terms of consistent bottle weight and size is guaranteed. The fourth advantage: the precision and quality of the thread, with a closure system that is guaranteed as child-proof, a must in the pharma industry.

Fifth: more generally, SACMI CBF lets manufacturers improve the aesthetic quality of the product thanks to elimination of the gate and seams typical of products made with IBM and EBM platforms. Sixth: another plus on the repeatability and total quality control front is that containers produced with SACMI CBF can undergo quality control directly on the line via an inspection system with SACMI BVS (bottle vision system) cameras and leak-tests that check bottle and seal integrity.

At the CPHI fair, SACMI aims to illustrate the maturity of a technology that, just a few years after its launch, has already been installed in some fifty plants worldwide to the immense satisfaction of our customers; needless to say, our ambition is to widen our customer pool on the strategic Chinese market by deploying our acknowledged technological superiority, which goes hand-in-glove with SACMI's capacity to provide customers with close support at every stage of supply, from the initial design consultancy to after-sales assistance.

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