Gulfood 2021, Dubai: complete SACMI technologies for food&beverage packaging

From 7 to 9 November customers and markets will be getting back together in the UAE’s capital city. Needless to say, SACMI will be there to showcase an even wider range of solutions for all businesses, from Rigid Packaging technology to Beverage machines/lines and a complete Packaging&Chocolate range.

SACMI is heading to Dubai to take part in Gulfood Manufacturing (7-9 November 2021, Dubai World Trade Center), a key Gulf region fair exhibiting the technologies and solutions used by the food and beverage industry.
SACMI wants to let customers know that it’s right by their side, even in this pandemic-hit year. To do so, the company will be bringing along its complete range from the Rigid Packaging Technologies, Beverage, and Packaging & Chocolate businesses and will also be showcasing its ‘before, during and after-sale’ assistance services.

Rigid Packaging Technologies: from raw material to finished product:
Closures: whether plastic, metal or multi-component, SACMI solutions let customers produce caps of the very highest quality and performance while maintaining outstanding machine productivity.
Preforms: complete plant engineering solutions are also provided to PET preform manufacturers, ensuring unmatched versatility and optimized operating expenses thanks to fast size changeovers and compatibility with most molds on the market. What’s more, IPS presses allow the production of preforms with up to 100% recycled PET (without any modifications to standard lines) or materials in recycled flake form in quantities of up to 50%, with all the reliability that stems from a consolidated technology.
Containers: for the dairy, pharmaceutical and food sectors, SACMI CBF (compression blow forming) is ideal for producing HDPE or PET containers.
Post-Processing: Flexibility is fundamental! SACMI’s slitting and folding solutions let manufacturers apply standard cap tamper-evident band slitting configurations and tethered configurations. Following its acquisition of Velomat, SACMI also provides assembly solutions for the cap and dispenser market.
AI (Artificial Intelligence) Vision Systems: quality control systems should do far more than just reject defective products: they must also be able to predict machine faults before they can actually become problems, getting manufacturers as close as possible to the goal of ‘defect-free production’. The SACMI-developed AI program allows the company to provide quality control/inspection machines that are built around customer needs... from the simplest to the most complex, all without affecting quality.
SACMI Lab: a pro team at your disposal that’s dedicated to developing new projects, analyzing existing ones and providing support throughout the approval process.


Beverage: stand-alone labeling excellence & new ‘Blo 2 Fill’ lines
‘One-stop shopping’ is the SACMI hallmark worldwide. The only sole provider on the market, it develops comprehensive solutions for bottlers and converters alike. This is why Gulfood is the perfect showcase for the full range of SACMI Beverage solutions, from blow molding machines to filling lines, and its wide range of modular labelers, designed to meet every production and customization need.
Now even more extensive, the SACMI range also includes new integrated solutions capable of one-step management - across the widest range of sizes - of the entire container stretch-blowing, filling, closing and decoration process: yet another opportunity, then, for customers eager to find versatile, flexible solutions from both a format and technology perspective.


Packaging&Chocolate: the sweet side of SACMI
110 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of chocolate production, processing and packaging. All thanks to long-standing brands that have accompanied the founding and expansion of Italy’s world-famous confectionery industry.
Today, SACMI - through its renowned Carle & Montanari and OPM brands - has an unrivalled ability to develop complete solutions that cover everything from chocolate molding to wrapping and primary-secondary packaging.
More specifically, alongside machines and complete lines for the preparation and molding of chocolate and the wrapping of all sorts of chocolate and candy-based products, the company offers a comprehensive primary packaging range with highly automated flow-pack solutions, designed to ensure versatile, efficient management of any product type. Last but not least, SACMI provides secondary packaging solutions - product forming and insertion in cartons or American cases - for both food (bakery, biscuits, bars, pasta, tea and coffee) and non-food sectors.


Virtual & on-site assistance services
Following the international health crisis, the last two years have seen SACMI gear up to support international customers with new assistance packages, delivered via its worldwide branches in synergy with the parent company. From this perspective, SACMI has built up an ability to perform complete machine and plant start-ups remotely by developing new remote assistance tools that make extensive use of virtual reality.
These innovative services remain an integral part of our range, even as international travel restrictions loosen, fortunately allowing us to meet back up, face-to face, at the industry’s key international trade fairs. So far, results have been extraordinary and we look forward to sharing them with our partners all over the world as we seek to achieve new, even more ambitious goals.
Visit us at Gulfood (stand N. C5-28 HALL 5) and get a closer look at the SACMI range. Our technical-sales staff will be at your disposal to provide detailed information on all our solutions.

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