SACMI Computer Vision Systems: <br> quality control and beyond, thanks to AI

SACMI Computer Vision Systems:
quality control and beyond, thanks to AI

New CVSs software suite from SACMI Computer Vision: from inspection of individual products to systems that use analysis and data logging to allow proactive process control, reducing inefficiencies and streamlining work

‘Vision’ is being revolutionized by applying Artificial Intelligence to quality control systems, with far-reaching benefits for processes and factory logistics. That revolution is being led by SACMI, which develops and markets the widest range of inspection systems for the rigid packaging sector (caps, preforms, containers, labels in any size or material).

The systems

In terms of quality and control accuracy, these systems have steadily become better and better and are now essential ‘accessories’ on any modern production line. SACMI has thirty years’ experience in developing such systems. During that time, the company has focused on creating proprietary patented solutions (such as illuminators that eliminate any distortion that might stem from light or perspective) and on ensuring full system interoperability by providing one software for all the machines now included in theCVS Software Suite (CVSs).

Artificial Intelligence

The SACMI Computer Vision Software Suite is the most advanced software package ever for AI-powered control of vision systems. So what opportunities does it offer?
  • The CVS22 is a new, reliable, secure SACMI-developed software application that allows real-time image processing to ensure high-speed quality control.
  • CVSWEB is the CVS22 web application: this lets you perform quality control by letting you see real-time production data and statistics, from any device, anywhere.
  • Classy-AI is a new SACMI-inspired platform that revolutionizes the way inspection systems are run. The platform classifies defects detected by the software and displays them in a simple, user-friendly way, aiding identification and correction of any process drifts
In short, a sophisticated yet secure guide. SACMI has designed the new package to make use of the latest cybersecurity technology, which protects data travelling through the system with strong authentication and encryption.

Integration on production lines

With SACMI, quality control doesn’t just aim to provide better products. It also seeks to improve production processes in order to enhance control, raise efficiency and streamline logistics.

A perfect example of this is the new PVS156, the first SACMI solution to be directly integrated into our perform press range (IPS300 and IPS400). The PVS156 goes far beyond traditional ‘spot checks’ to perform intensive control on almost every preform produced, without affecting press productivity.

This delivers a dual advantage: available with all the advanced software packages described above, the system lets operators identify any potential process drifts in real time. This limits the risk of defective or incorrect batches. Above all, it also allows proactive correction of any potential problems on the basis of system-provided data.


Steadily evolving SACMI ‘intelligent vision’ systems provide an enabling technology for the advanced management of manufacturing systems. In addition to such systems, users can count on new service packages: for example, these allow SACMI customers to share machine data with the technology provider and make use of proactive problem-solving services.

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