SACMI technologies for the environment and energy at IFAT 2022 in Munich

SACMI technologies for the environment and energy at IFAT 2022 in Munich

At the international exhibition, there will be the complete SACMI proposal in the fields of air and fumes collection and filtration, emission control, water treatment, waste recovery and energy saving. A 360° proposal that extends from the company's historical core business to the most diverse of industrial sectors. On this occasion SACMI will present the best practices, implemented by the Company throughout the world, starting from the more than 2,000 plants built in the last 15 years.

SACMI‘s Energy and Environmental Technologies Division will be presenting its complete range of solutions for the recovery and treatment of dusts, emissions, water and energy savings at the IFAT trade fair in Munich (May 30 -June 3 2022). A 360° proposal in the field of environmental technologies coming from a multinational industrial plant engineering company like SACMI, with over 100 years of history, 4,800 employees worldwide and 80 offices in 27 countries.
A leader in the ceramic, packaging and advanced technology sectors, SACMI has gained an exhaustive know-how on materials and processes over the years, investing in technologies and complete systems to make factories and production processes cleaner, people and environmentally-friendly. Above all, environmental sustainability must be considered an opportunity for generating further efficiencies in production processes, and thus savings in resources, raw materials and energy.
Four in particular are the fields of action, to be presented in Munich by the SACMI team, together with several success stories achieved with customers all over the world in the field of their comprehensive supplies, more than 2 thousand treatment and recovery plants installed worldwide since 2008.
Firstly, the extensive world of “dust filtering" which, in manufacturing, involves three aspects: compliance with environmental constraints and the health of operators, but the proper operating of plants as well, which could get damaged by dusty and unhealthy environments. Several best practices were developed in this field, such as in the waste disposal sector, where SACMI has supplied complete systems for the suppression of both dust (bag filters) and odours. Best practices that, from waste treatment, extend to mechanical processing, through to "hard" sectors such as foundries and zinc mills.
With SACMI, each field of action corresponds to the same number of enabling technologies, capable of translating into customised plant engineering proposals, based on the best technologies the market has to offer. Such as in the field of fume and emission suppression and control, where SACMI offers, among other technologies essential for complying with the increasingly stringent sector regulations - but also with the social impact on production activities - the new generation of self-recovering afterburners for the suppression of volatile organic compounds (VOC) that produce odours, a problem that is increasingly felt both in SACMI's core businesses (e.g. ceramic decoration) and in the wider context of the mechanical, zootechnical and agro-industrial sectors.
A theme that also involves water resources at 360°. It is no coincidence that SACMI's exhibition area will be hosted in the pavilion dedicated to water at the IFAT international fair. An increasingly scarce precious resource, water is at the core of SACMI's plant innovations which, also by resorting to technologies from outside the sector (such as ultra-filtration, already used in drinking water plants), aim at a dual objective. First the integral recovery of process water for reusing in the industrial process. The second, through ultra-filtration or, in any case, consolidated chemical-physical systems to aggregate suspensions present in waste water, relative to the possibility of a full recovery of the residue and its reuse as a resource in the production process.
In the same direction, the systems for the collection and automatic transport of scrap which, by identifying the waste in specific stages of the process, make it possible for it to be recovered in the most suitable, profitable and efficient way for its real reuse as raw material within the factory.
Among the proposed innovations, which will be brought to the visitors' attention, there are also special "capture" systems, such as the new mobile hoods, developed by SACMI, which make smoke filtration systems, installed in specific phases of the process, much more effective.
An integral part of SACMI's Environment and Energy technologies are also the energy recovery and efficiency systems. Initially designed and sized on specific needs in the ceramic process, these systems are gaining more and more importance outside the specific sector as well. For example, the principle of heat exchangers, basically the possibility, in the installation of these systems, to consider all the excess heat as a resource to feed other stages of the production process or the air conditioning/cooling of environments. By the same token, the complete cogeneration and trigeneration systems that offer the possibility, thanks to a combined production/use of thermal and electrical energy, to decisively improve the energy budget of the factory.
Among the future areas of intervention, explored by SACMI through its research facilities, is the issue of management and digital control. As in machine design, in fact, the issue of pollutants, water, and energy management should be treated as a comprehensive ecosystem that could benefit from 4.0 process management, from monitoring to corrective actions.
An invaluable opportunity then, that of Munich, in which SACMI participates for the first time with the not secondary objective of comparing itself with the best international experiences in the sector, in order to give increasingly effective answers to the real challenges faced by production activities, institutions and private citizens.
The SACMI team will be at the disposal of IFAT visitors to cover in-depth all the topics of interest and to illustrate the best practices implemented worldwide.

Visit us at stand SACMI, Hall A3-Stand 322

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