SACMI to be main sponsor of Packaging Speaks Green, Bologna, 20th - 21st February 2020

SACMI to be main sponsor of Packaging Speaks Green, Bologna, 20th - 21st February 2020

An international conference on food and packaging supply chain sustainability is to be held in Bologna, organised by UCIMA and FICO with the support of international institutions and the industry's key players and opinion leaders

UCIMA (Union of Italian Constructors of Automatic Packaging Machines, of which SACMI is a member) and the FICO Foundation have joined forces to organise the first edition of Packaging Speaks Green, an international forum dedicated to developing a sustainability and circular economy culture within the packaging sector.
The goal of the forum - to be held in Bologna, the capital of Italy's 'packaging valley' and one of the world's leading food-producing regions - is to provide an industry overview and illustrate the prospects for building sustainability into supply chains with the participation of international institutions, research centres, machine makers, technology providers, food firms and opinion leaders.
As an industrial player whose product range focuses on Sustainability, Innovation and Flexibility (recent months have seen the introduction of solutions that pre-empt trends and standards in the packaging field, from tethered caps to the manufacture of closures and preforms with recycled materials), SACMI has a keen interest in such topics.
During the two-day Forum, a swath of international guests will discuss three main areas: legislation, retailers and brand owners, technology.
Experts from the USA, the EU, India, China and Australia will explain the policies their governments are introducing to protect the natural world and boost public and industrial awareness on environmental issues. Some of world's biggest retailers and producers of consumer goods (e.g. Fater, Coop, Amazon) will illustrate examples of packaging management best-practices across a range of wares, demonstrating their tangible, constantly growing commitment.
Further interest will be generated by a panel focusing on technological innovation and the most innovative compostable and recyclable materials.
In short, this two-day event is set to be an exciting one. It aims to provide new tools and methods for the design of sustainable packaging by identifying barriers to its development, supplying change-achieving strategies and debunking some of the myths surrounding sustainability.

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