SACMI at Plastindia 2023: limitless performance and versatility <br>for Rigid Packaging production

SACMI at Plastindia 2023: limitless performance and versatility
for Rigid Packaging production

Preform press range, recently upgraded with the new IPS300, to play a pivotal role at the fair. Also on show: new features and controls for compression presses, high-efficiency multi-component cap assembly solutions and pharma container (CBF) production at the highest speeds on the market. All against the backdrop of further growth on the Indian market, overseen by the SACMI Engineering branch.

High-performance, versatile, sustainable: three adjectives that sum up SACMI's comprehensive cap and preform manufacturing range, to be showcased at the 11th edition of Plastindia (New Delhi, 1-5 February 2023), a key plastic packaging & processing fair. New technological features on the machines and advanced process controls are seeing the SACMI range win over more and more new customers on the Indian market. The country is overseen by the Mumbai-based SACMI Engineering branch, which recently saw the addition of an entire area and team dedicated to Rigid Packaging services.

New IPS 300

New IPS 300. SACMI has been developing the Injection Preform System (IPS) for 10 years; this PET preform press range now leads the market thanks to outstanding versatility and performance, low consumption, user-friendly settings and easy changeovers.
Today, the latest addition to the range, the IPS 300, aims to take digitalization and controls to the next level. This new machine has enormous potential; for example, process control is now at a point that opens the industry to IoT opportunities.
The IPS 300 can operate with molds that have from 24 to 128 cavities. Easy to use, thanks to settings that are extremely user-friendly, especially at the start-up and changeover phases, the IPS 300 is the first preform press able to be integrated with the PVS 156, the SACMI vision system for intensive quality control that uses Artificial Intelligence.

CCM, next-gen controls. A world-beating technological leader with over 2,500 machine sales - 200 in India alone - SACMI has enhanced the compression press range with new features such as advanced controls that improve the process, boost quality and reduce consumption.
These include the new CM-Flow extrusion unit. Since it requires no motor-connected geared reducers, the system increases productivity (up to 200 kg/h with just a 35 mm screw), improving quality and cutting overall press electricity consumption by up to 9%.
Alongside the new extruder SACMI also provides Smart Packs, advanced hw/sw controls that guide customers as they run the machine. These span from checking for proper pellet dose insertion and positioning to predictive checks on hydraulic circuit efficiency so manufacturers can anticipate problems and plan maintenance.


Moreover, dynamic thermoregulation improves process quality and extends the effective lifespan of the machine and its components: a solution that goes hand in hand with the development of updated neck-cap standards, especially the new and increasingly popular lightweight 26 mm necks.

High-efficiency assembly solutions by SACMI-Velomat

High-efficiency assembly solutions by SACMI-Velomat
Ultra-high productivity plus an ability to respond to increasingly diversified product ranges, all thanks to solutions that deliver outstanding versatility and efficiency. These are the hallmarks of Velomat, a SACMI company and the leading provider of multi-component closure assembly solutions for the food, beverage, cosmetics, pharma, electronics, medical and automotive sectors.
Dispensers and sanitizing products, sport caps for water, soft/energy drinks and childproof closures for pharma items are just some of the target products. Velomat is able to handle these complex multi-component closures with a wide range of assembly solutions - both rotary and fully electronic - that combine the highest speeds on the market with unique versatility, as exemplified by direct in-recipe settings management.

User-friendly software control is a key competitiveness factor in, for example, the manufacture of dispensers, a field where there’s an ever-growing product catalogue and a parallel shrinkage in average lot size.

CBF, empowering technology. With the highest productivity on the market, SACMI CBF technology lets manufacturers optimize production costs while raising production flexibility. Compression Blow Forming exploits the advantages of SACMI compression for the production of containers, a solution that has, over the years, won us premium customers in various industries, above all in the pharmaceutical sector.
Key CBF features include the ability to process different resins by making simple changes to settings. It also allows for extremely fast format changeovers thanks to a modular molding section that lets manufacturers mold multiple formats on the same plant.

CBF, empowering technology

Furthermore, SACMI can supply the CBF with a container vision system - fully designed and built by SACMI - to ensure total quality control of production.
Designed as an ‘open system’, CBF can be installed on the line alongside other SACMI machines or third-party solutions. Last but not least, it has an extremely small footprint and holds the world record for productivity per square meter.

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