New standards and the green transition: SACMI to take center-stage at Propak West Africa

New standards and the green transition: SACMI to take center-stage at Propak West Africa

Complete plants are a SACMI hallmark in Nigeria, with numerous projects already completed or in progress with some of the country's biggest players. With SACMI, they can count on a sole partner and the prompt - and profitable - adoption of new market standards that focus on sustainable packaging

The all-round plant engineering skills of SACMI are in huge demand in Nigeria, a steadily growing country where leading local and international beverage brand owners operate. Hence SACMI’s return as a key exhibitor at the 2023 edition of ProPak West Africa (12-14 September 2023, Landmark Centre, Lagos, Nigeria), where it aims to show existing and potential customers the advantages of transitioning to the most popular new standards on the market.

Two giant leaps in quality thanks to a sole partner

SACMI offers Nigerian manufacturers big opportunities by letting them move towards the adoption of more sustainable standards and lighter, better-performing caps/containers while simultaneously allowing them to innovate on the product and design fronts.
In this region of Africa, in fact, numerous customers have already turned to SACMI to obtain complete solutions that deliver this ‘dual leap’ in quality. That’s because one of SACMI's key strengths is its comprehensive understanding of cap and preform development, the relative technologies and how they’re incorporated into complete bottling lines.

New standards, new advantages

One of the most recent developments within the global rigid packaging industry concerns the transition towards new neck-cap standards that also – and above all - ensure manufacturers save raw materials while continuing to deliver the same performance. These include the 26/22 mm for water and CSD and the 25/22 mm for water, on which SACMI offers the widest range of caps on the market.
For example, following the huge success of its lightweight CSD solutions in Nigeria, SACMI has introduced an ultra-light water solution, made up of a bottle+cap weighing 1 g and 0.8 g respectively. In addition to the opportunities offered by the latest standards, SACMI creates finely-targeted solutions to lighten some of the most commonly used necks (e.g. the traditional PCO 1881) and deliver significant raw material savings.

SACMI also provides comprehensive consultancy to ensure the solution matches the customer’s production and market requirements. Whatever the neck-cap combination, SACMI can recommend a solution that’s the lightest available and, at the same time, compatible with the end users’ consumption habits and preferences: all thanks to SACMI’s in-depth understanding of the market and the far-reaching SACMI network, which has dedicated manufacturing and service facilities all over the globe.

Technology and integration with bottling lines

In Nigeria, SACMI CCM (continuous compression molding) lines - the cap manufacturing benchmark - are increasingly combined with SACMI IPS preform presses; these are available in an ever-wider range that includes the increasingly popular IPS 400 Cool+ and IPS 300. This means producers can seize all available opportunities linked to the development of new products, with all the guarantees that come from having SACMI as a sole partner.

Yet that’s not all: the SACMI Beverage range of complete bottling lines – which cover everything from stretch-blow molding to filling, labeling and container capping – has shown local bottlers the advantages of SACMI's turnkey solutions, which merge cap and preform lines into the complete plant. Here too, SACMI provides several exclusive solutions such as dual cavity stretch-blow molding technology, which can double productivity on medium-small formats, and the new fully electronic FEC (full electronic capper) cap positioning system.
Alongside the SACMI Beverage range, customers can benefit from the new Packaging Center: operating in concert with the SACMI Rigid Packaging Laboratory, the Center provides comprehensive bottle and cap design consultancy, has an extensive database of certified solutions and can help customers develop innovative proposals from both a technical and aesthetic perspective.

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