Think Green: SACMI at NPE in Orlando

Digitalization is set to play a pivotal role at America’s biggest plastic packaging fair: profitable, ready-to-use ‘augmented reality’ solutions to manage and control machines and processes. From AI to product development, SACMI is the perfect all-round partner, ready to provide customers with valuable support as they go green and digital

What do SACMI machines provide? Well, practically everything, or almost: human-machine interaction based on new controls, digital tools and AI will take center-stage on the SACMI stand at NPE – The plastic show, the USA’s leading rigid packaging technology fair, which returns to Orlando, Florida, from 6th to 10th May 2024.

Digital means ‘easy’ and profitable: the latest tools.

The primary goal of digitally advanced controls is to protect the customer's investment by making it easier for operators to manage SACMI machines and plants. Let’s look at ‘digital inside’ technology from three perspectives:
  • Smart Pack 2. This is the latest advanced control package, available from 2024 on SACMI CCM cap presses. The goal is deep control of everything on the machines, from hydraulics to consumption, giving systems ‘self-adjustment’ capabilities and feeding valuable functional info back to process control. Another fresh feature for 2024 is the ‘prediction’ button on the press: this forecasts machine behavior over time, anticipating any production drifts and expediting proactive maintenance.
  • Smart Care. An exclusive service on SACMI machines, Smart Care provides secure in-Cloud sharing of the main operating parameters; it ensures optimal decision-making on the line and feeds customers real-time suggestions and assistance from the SACMI team. This service augments the opportunities offered by SPACE, the gateway to all SACMI assistance services, provided in synergy with the SACMI USA team.
  • Classy AI. A SACMI-led quality control revolution: part of the SACMI Computer Vision systems CVs suite, Classy AI automatically classifies defects, making it much easier to run plants and perform process control. 

GILDA AI: a capable ally with all the knowledge on the machine

The future has a name: GILDA AI. A pioneering chatbot-like tool, ‘Gilda’ is leading the way towards a new human-machine ecosystem. She’ll be playing a lead role on the exhibition stand, where visitors will have an opportunity to see live demonstrations. In the event of a machine malfunction or process drift, operators can simply ‘ask GILDA’ to obtain prompt, customized AI-powered answers to their queries.

‘Future-proof’ technologies and products

What makes SACMI such a stand-out on the cap/preform manufacturing market is the ability to provide all-round consultancy on the products... and the technology needed to make them. Profitable, ready-to-market solutions that smooth the customer’s transition to a green and digital future.
  • Presses for caps and preforms. Visitors to the SACMI stand will have a great opportunity to see a CCM64 cap press and IPS 300 preform press in action. In addition to advanced controls and integration with quality control (IPS is currently the only press to incorporate a vision system, the PVS156 by SACMI Computer Vision, directly on the machine), the latest solutions also offer the prospect of working with fully recycled materials.For example, the CCM on display can be fed with HDPE from recycled sources (PCR food-grade), acquired on the market as per FDA regulations; this has also opened up new opportunities for the recycling of HDPE caps. The same holds true for the IPS press: the solution on show has already been sold to a leading American customer, who aims to feed it with 100% rPET.
  • The transition to the 26/22 mm neck-cap. Moving on from technology to products, at NPE SACMI will be showcasing an enhanced solution that takes necks towards the 26/22 mm standard. Guaranteed, thanks to SACMI’s close collaboration with major international certification bodies, CETIE included. Profitable because, thanks to its skilled Lab team, SACMI provides customers with close support to identify the solution that best matches their production requirements while factoring in consumption habits for individual segments, countries or markets. At present, SACMI offers the market’s largest family of caps for 26/22 mm necks, with plenty of opportunities on the tethered front too. The IPS on display will be equipped with a 96-cavity SACMI mold to produce a 11.5g preform with a cycle time of 6.6 seconds.

See you at NPE! SACMI Booth #W1243

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