Apulum accepts the challenge of the circular economy thanks to SACMI technology

Apulum accepts the challenge of the circular economy thanks to SACMI technology

A new SACMI spray-dryer ATM18 has recently been installed and started up. Specifically designed for tableware, the solution will allow Apulum to carry out part of their spray-dried powder production vertically and to completely recycle scrap and waste within the line.  

With an output of more than 50 million pieces per year, Apulum is one of the leading European manufacturers of tableware. Also considering its long-standing partnership with the main European retailers of home furniture, furnishings and accessories, Apulum is moving towards a “zero impact” future, installing latest generation SACMI technology to facilitate the recovery and re-use of process scrap and waste, recycled as raw materials in the tableware production cycle.  
At its production plant based in Alba Iulia – Romania, Apulum has recently installed an ATM18 spray-dryer, part of SACMI’s range of products specifically designed to make bodies for tableware.  The design for the tableware application includes some unique features, such as the greater use of stainless steel and special linings, and the resulting solution allows Apulum to carry out part of its granulate production internally.  
Thanks to Apulum’s far-sighted approach – the supply was agreed in December 2021, well before the international difficulties regarding high energy costs and raw material procurement became so critical - the project is primarily aimed at implementing a “zero waste” policy at its production plant with the total recycling of green scrap and waste (and of fired scrap after grinding) into the spray-dryer. 
Provided with an evaporating capacity of 1000 litres/hour, the machine is capable of an output of approx. 1.6 ton/hour of spray-dried powder, with a range which varies according to the standard moisture content of the slip entering the machine and the residual moisture content percentage of the output – between 2 and 3% - depending on the recipes. This machine does not fully cover all the current production requirements at Apulum but represents the first step towards putting into practice a 360° circular economy policy to reduce the company’s environmental footprint and, at the same time, minimize procurement costs and restraints.   
Sustainability and efficiency are further facilitated thanks to the careful design of SACMI’s spray-dryer whereby, next to the spraying system with independent lances (a total of 7 lances, each provided with 2 nozzles), solutions for dust abatement and fume exhaust by means of cyclones and wet filters are also provided - in compliance with current standards and regulations on emissions.  
This project has been made possible thanks to the close collaboration between the SACMI and Apulum technical teams, starting from work carried out on the infrastructure (the machine was successfully installed following modifications to adapt the factory building) to setting up of all the auxiliary equipment (including steelwork, the result of the wide experience and expert skills found in Apulum). In addition to the spray-dryer, SACMI also took care of supplying systems to enable full integration with the existing body preparation line.
The completion of this project gives greater added value to the continuative investments made by Apulum in SACMI technology; such as the airless glazing system (Nebula) and the numerous supplies of SACMI-SAMA Green Series isostatic presses for high-quality, versatile, energy-efficient pressure casting of tableware.

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