SACMI RobotGlaze, a complete new line for GSI (Gruppo Sanitari Italia)

SACMI RobotGlaze, a complete new line for GSI (Gruppo Sanitari Italia)

Gallese-based company continues to stride - together with SACMI - along a path that’s taking it towards complete automation of glazing lines. The line incorporates extensive automation and dialogues with the factory supervisor to deliver 4.0 performance, ensuring versatile WC and washbasin production

GSI is a symbol of Made in Italy creativity and quality. Now, following its years-long partnership with SACMI on other modernization projects that have targeted complete automation of the glazing lines, the company has invested in the complete SACMI RobotGlaze solution.
This latest line, delivered at the end of 2021 and already up and running, is designed to glaze both Vitreous China and Fine Fire Clay pieces. Its first advantage is extreme versatility. It can robot-glaze washbasins as large as 1400 mm yet also WCs, all on the same platform thanks to integration of the automatic water trap-glazing unit on the line.
At the heart of the order lie three SACMI-Gaiotto glazing robots. These are flanked by four robots that automatically perform all handling, from unloading to glazing and on-car loading. Completing the line are the two automatic water trap glazing units and the foot cleaning modules. Cycle times are impressive: from 70 to 100 seconds depending on the type and size of piece to be glazed.
Glazing versatility and quality are maximized at all times as it’s possible to manage products separately both by material and by article type. With Fine Fire Clay items, an undercoat of engobe is followed by two coats of glaze; for Vitreous China WCs, instead, the piece is pre-moistened to make subsequent application of the glaze more effective, consistent and repeatable.
GSI is driving ahead fast with 4.0 factory data management, hence their decision to integrate the line with the existing plant supervisor. This means that all data flows (type and quantity of glazed pieces, time taken, etc.) can be tracked and utilized in next-gen monitoring and control functions.
On the sustainability front, the glaze stations feature a dry glaze filtration system, with full recovery of the glaze. They also mount the tried and tested Mass Control system, a SACMI-Gaiotto exclusive for optimization and precision control of glaze delivery rates.
Once again, there are several key innovations. Temperature-controlled glaze tanks mean that quality is maximized not only through glaze flow rate and atomization control but also via upstream control of the raw material in the tank, thus preventing any variations in humidity and temperature that might compromise application quality.
Even the tank filling system is automatic. Lastly, the line is ready for the addition of AGV or laser-guided vehicle piece handling in the future (although it should be pointed out that pieces are already unloaded and loaded on the car automatically).

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