Flaminia, safety and smart handling with SACMI

Flaminia, safety and smart handling with SACMI

New automatic handling station to convey pieces from automatic glazing to internal blowing and then to the kiln car loading area. For Flaminia, then, another decisive step towards automation 4.0.

After recently installing a complete high-tech SACMI plant, Ceramica Flaminia has now taken a further step in the direction of 4.0 automation of its production facilities in Civita Castellana (Vt). The focus of this latest investment decision is the glazing line, which is already equipped with a full complement of automation solutions and ready for the installation of laser-guided handling vehicles.
More specifically, SACMI has supplied a new handling station for the automatic transfer of pieces, deposited on cars at end of the automatic glazing line, directly to the internal blowing station. An additional robot then transfers the pieces onto a conveyor which, in turn, sends them to the firing department.
The advantage of the solution is twofold: on the one hand, it reduces manual piece handling, allowing workers to focus on more skilled tasks and enhancing plant safety. On the other, the new handling station boosts logistic efficiency, with the finished and blown pieces already deposited near the kiln car in an ergonomic position, thanks to the special configuration of the SACMI-supplied conveyor from which the pieces are picked to be sent on for firing.
Customised and developed with an eye to 4.0, the solution also mirrors the growing market demand for ever-larger sinks and WCs of high unit weight; these would be difficult to handle manually without breaching worker safety standards. For Flaminia, a pivotal player in the Civita Castellana district, this latest purchase is another step towards total plant automation and makes use of state-of-the-art SACMI technology to help build a true sanitaryware 4.0 smart factory.

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