SACMI, your all-round plant sustainability partner

SACMI, your all-round plant sustainability partner

Complete plants with exclusive technologies, plus a multi-role product development partner who provides advanced customer support services. That’s how SACMI Beverage is strengthening its reputation and gaining customers worldwide

SACMI Beverage provides complete, first-class solutions for the beverage industry. Innovative technology and outstanding customer service have made it one of the market’s leading players.
How? Exclusive solutions boost line efficiency, integrating each phase, from stretch-blow molding to filling, from capping to label application. All, of course, with a sharp focus on sustainability, thanks to machines that optimize consumption and an approach to design that embraces the challenges posed by new materials and the circular economy.

Stretch-blow molding, productivity doubled thanks to the dual cavity

Exclusive dual cavity technology makes SACMI stretch-blow molders the pick of the bunch. Being able to stretch-blow two containers at once doubles productivity with medium-small sizes, thus lowering average operating costs across the entire molding process.
For example, Blo2Fill is a single stretch-blow/filling platform that optimizes the process and delivers the highest speeds on the market (up to 81,000 bottles per hour) with standard formats up to 3 liters; the Blo2Fill XL, instead, can handle containers as large as 12 liters.

The advantages of Combo

The main advantage of Blo2Fill is that it offers a unique response to the multiple needs of a modern bottling factory. Moreover, Blo2Fill combines the advantages of the dual cavity with filling process accuracy, precision and hygiene.
In the Combo configuration, a single interface allows the operator to keep everything under control, including the preform insertion and finished bottle extraction parameters, without any need to make mechanical adjustments.

FEC – Full electronic capper

Key innovations now available include the ability to combine a fully servo-assisted capping system (FEC, Full Electronic Capper) with a cap feeder (CCS, Continuous Cap Supply) featuring waterfall technology and visual inspection of caps. The new capper has evident advantages in terms of fast, precise control, especially as regards the new lightweight caps, an area in which SACMI leads the world with its compression technology (CCM).

From filling to the finished packaging

SACMI Beverage fillers can handle a vast variety of beverages, ensuring precise, safe, waste-free filling. To make the most of the packaging, SACMI Beverage has developed a comprehensive range of labelers that deliver optimal versatility both at high speeds (Flexi OPERA series) and medium speeds (Flexi KUBE range).
The multi-material, multi-technology approach has played a key role in the worldwide success of these SACMI labelers: it lets manufacturers meet every production requirement with the utmost versatility, allowing efficient management of both large volumes and diversified production mixes with frequent format changeovers.

Towards a circular economy 

Thanks to optimized consumption, SACMI machines are streamlining the green transition in the packaging sector: not just with machines that can make ultra-light containers and caps but also through the use of innovative technologies that help create returnable PET supply chains. Further steps towards a greener future include partnerships to develop special washable glues and/or the application of a smaller number of glue spots on the label, measures that make it easier for the food industry to recover and re-use the containers. Supplied directly by SACMI, these solutions are already being used successfully around the world.

After-market and product development

Providing customers with close support at every stage of the project, with local branches and assistance teams all over the world, is a SACMI hallmark. For example, SACMI Beverage has, over the years, invested heavily to strengthen its assistance facilities with dedicated teams capable of delivering sales and, above all, technical support, quickly and proactively.
In 2022, SACMI Beverage also provided new assistance kits (e.g. scheduled maintenance plans) and launched the Packaging Center, where customers can develop their own product directly, starting with the design of preform and cap. This lets them identify the solution that best meets their market goals by drawing on SACMI's unmatched experience, with thousands of machines installed and consolidated partnerships with major global brand owners.

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