SACMI labelers, market-leading versatility

SACMI labelers, market-leading versatility

A complete range of automatic, modular labeling machines for the glass, plastic and metal containers used by the beverage, food, wine & spirits industries.

The label is a crucial product identifier and an essential brand enhancement tool. 
To ensure its perfect application, SACMI offers a full range of solutions that combine high productivity with labeling versatility to deliver:
  • application quality
  • product enhancement
  • compatibility with different materials.
In short: an outstanding range of SACMI machines, available as stand-alone units or in combination with complete blow-molding, filling and capping lines.

Flexi OPERA, fast and versatile

High production rates and great versatility are the hallmarks of FLEXIOPERA, the labeler range that can handle containers of any kind, cylindrical or shaped, in glass, plastic or metal.
The OPERA range focuses on multi-material flexibility, all with a single labeler that has different labeling stations for the application of pre-cut, wraparound or self-adhesive labels.
In fact, FLEXIOPERA can apply one or more labels on the same container, even if they require different technologies: cold glue, roll-fed, adhesive and hot melt.

Available in customizable configurations, FLEXIOPERA can easily be installed on existing lines. 
Moreover, machine design optimizes overall dimensions and speeds are as high as 81,000 applications per hour. With FLEXIOPERA customers can count on:
  • accurate and precise label handling and application
  • ergonomic design for user-friendly use and maintenance
  • fast and flexible format changeovers
  • use of all label types, even when made of different materials (plastic, paper)
  • the optional LVS (labelling vision system), an advanced quality control system designed by SACMI Computer Vision, available across the entire range.

FLEXIKUBE, modular and plug&play

With the FLEXIKUBE labeler, SACMI meets the needs of the medium-speed market: it delivers the swiftness, the adaptability to format changeovers and the ability to produce diversified lots that are crucial in the wine, beer and spirits sectors.
Format changes are managed directly via the operator interface. The various recipes can be saved and recalled as necessary.
Flexi KUBE offers a plug&play approach, its modular structure allowing for the addition, even at a later date, of various options (e.g. cold glue, hot melt, self-adhesive).
The machine integrates the automatic bottle positioning system and is available with the LVS (labelling vision system), developed by SACMI Computer Vision to provide total process quality control.
  • Reliable and hard-wearing
  • Low consumption, outstanding mechanical performance
  • Modular structure, new plug&play modules (cold glue, hot melt, self-adhesive) that can also be installed subsequently
  • Easy accessibility to machine parts, low maintenance
  • The optional LVS (labelling vision system), the advanced quality control system designed by SACMI Computer Vision, is available across the entire range.

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