Ceramics 4 future, Viglacera goes for SACMI Continua+

Ceramics 4 future, Viglacera goes for SACMI Continua+

Complete with driers, a kiln and laser-guided handling, the line will go on to form the heart of the new manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Ho-Chi-Minh. With this solution the customer, a SACMI partner for over 20 years across multiple sectors and a pioneer in the Vietnamese ceramics industry, is looking to widen its range in the highest-added-value segment of the market.

Over forty years of history and a leading role in ceramic, sanitaryware and heavy clay production: this is the Viglacera Corporation, which has chosen SACMI Continua+ technology to strengthen its position as a key player on Vietnam’s high-end ceramic manufacturing market.
The line will be delivered and installed during 2022 as part of an ambitious development project for the site in the Ho-Chi-Minh industrial district, one of Viglacera’s eight tile manufacturing facilities in the country.

This plant features SACMI’s most recent forming and decoration technologies: from the APB and APC 2000 powder feeders (comprehensive solutions that allow for the creation of a broad product range that includes slabs with "through-the-body veining") to the core of the plant, the PCR 2000 compactor, SACMI’s global best-seller for the manufacture of slabs and tiles of variable size and thickness.

Cutting-edge controls - such as the MDX system to monitor density and thickness uniformity - have been combined with integrated in-line digital decoration solutions, both dry (DDD, Digital Dry Decoration) and wet, with the new DHD-D 1808-5 featuring 5 color bars for the deposit of inks and effects. With glazing, the plant offers full integration of surface and in-body decoration solutions in keeping with the SACMI Deep Digital approach.

“Forty-seven years of experience”, points out Mr. Nguyễn Anh Tuấn, CEO of Viglacera, “have made us a leading all-round supplier in the world of sustainable, high quality building materials. What’s more, with SACMI Continua+ we’ll be able to expand our high-end ceramic slab and tile range not just for floors and walls but also exciting new applications such as furnishing accessories, kitchen tops, etc. for both the domestic and foreign markets”.

In addition to Continua+, SACMI is also supplying high-efficiency drying/firing machines, from the 39.2-meter 5-tier dryer and 18.9-meter pre-kiln dryer to the new 252-meter kiln equipped with next-gen heat recovery systems.

As part of a drive to maximize factory automation and efficiency, the customer has also made the far-sighted decision to handle stock with SACMI laser-guided vehicles (LGVs). For SACMI, these latest orders join a series of successful projects completed with Viglacera over the years in several of the Group’s business areas.

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