SACMI CVS: your ‘smart’ vision partner

SACMI CVS: your ‘smart’ vision partner

Dedicated interconnected systems and, above all, AI as a key ally in a new approach to production process data analysis and logging, with all the advantages of SACMI’s new CVs Suite

In the packaging world, SACMI CVS is a valuable partner for the design of smart vision systems. ‘S’ as in systems, the set of mechatronic solutions that performs quality control on individual products, with the widest range of machines on the market. CVs as in software, which SACMI develops to build a true solutions ‘package’, configured according to cutting-edge usability and cybersecurity principles.
And from this perspective, the interconnection of systems is just the first step. The introduction of AI and deep learning techniques, in fact, is pivotal to giving machines autonomous decision-making capacity. These techniques are driving the development of systems tailored around the individual product being inspected: plastic polymers (caps, preforms, containers), labels, metal and so on.

Machines and vision systems. The opportunities provided by ‘integrated’ control

SACMI will be showcasing an array of new opportunities at Brau Beviale 2023 - HALL 7A 222/323. These explore the frontiers of applied AI for, on the one hand, the PET sector (IPS+PVS systems) and, on the other, metal container decoration and quality control (DMD+ECLIPSIM).
The first company to directly incorporate some of these inspection systems into its machine range (e.g. the PVS156 on the latest generation of IPS preform presses), SACMI combines unmatched production process expertise with vision systems that provide exact, meaningful information on the efficiency and effectiveness of the process itself, anticipating any deviations and aiding real-time correction.
This multi-material approach spans from the production of preforms and containers to caps and labels. It also extends to the metal sector with the DMD, the SACMI digital decorator for metal sheets, now offered in combination with ECLIPSIM DECO and various systems specifically designed to inspect can lines, such as ELIOSCAN (external decoration) and iCan for the inside and neck.

New software packages: SACMI CVs Software Suite

All SACMI Computer Vision solutions for PET, metal and other packaging materials have been developed with a sharp focus on modularity, compactness and user-friendliness, as highlighted by the new Classy AI system, available across the entire range.
The advantages of Classy AI? Automatic classification of detected defect types are displayed on a user-friendly dashboard, providing a valuable process ‘snapshot’: the system can also be used by non-expert workers with ease. Then we have CVsWEB, the software - which can be used on any connected device - that analyses and logs the data, boosting the potential of the CVs22 software incorporated on the machines and shared by all the systems.
Together, the three software solutions make up the new SACMI ‘Suite’, configured to comply with the most recent data protection and security standards (encryption, strengthened authentication, etc.).

«Not only a matter of eyes»

In designing a complete range of inspection systems, configured around the needs of the individual process, product or customer, SACMI seeks to provide not just ‘eyes’ but a real ‘brain’: providing factory workers with valuable support and, more generally, identifying and correcting any process inefficiencies.
The development of ‘self-driving’ systems - which are easier to use and, in a general sense, better at providing significant information on the process - is a key aspect of SACMI strategy: the outcome is exclusive software that meets every possible need in the beverage, food and non-food packaging sectors.

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