Duravit France invests in SACMI RobotGlaze with «anti-bacterial glaze application kit»

Duravit France invests in SACMI RobotGlaze with «anti-bacterial glaze application kit»

A new SACMI-Gaiotto GA2000 has recently been installed as part of Duravit’s continuous plan for technological investment. Among the various devices the robot is equipped with, there is also a new “anti-bacterial glaze application kit” for the efficient and homogenous application of the sanitizing glaze.

Further to the recent investment in the casting department, where a new SACMI AVI cell and drier have been installed, the French branch of the Duravit Group, multi-national manufacturer of top quality design sanitaryware, extends its continuous modernization and technological renovation project to the glazing department too.  
The latest-generation SACMI-Gaiotto GA2000 robot has been set up at the company’s Bischwiller factory, in the Alsace region, to replace a previous robot also supplied by SACMI. With the new installation there are now three GA2000 robots in operation at the production plant.   
Dedicated to the glazing of a varied mix of articles – especially WC bowls – the robot will be equipped with the new SACMI kit for application of the anti-bacterial glaze; a solution which is particularly popular on the market since, through digitalization of the application, it makes it possible to optimize the process to guarantee the best levels of uniformity and repeatability whilst minimizing consumption
A second robot of the same model, which is already in operation at Duravit France, will also be provided with the new SACMI-Gaiotto anti-bacterial application. From a technological point of view this requires a further “channel” in the well-known “mass control” system, supplied exclusively by SACMI, for the control of the flow-rate and quantities of glaze applied.
Soon to be up and running at full capacity, this supply represents a further step in the long-established working relationship between SACMI and Duravit at all the Group’s main branches throughout the world. At the same time, the investment confirms SACMI’s technological leadership in the field of robotized glazing of sanitaryware, which now includes this unique high-efficiency solution for surface sanitizing treatment.

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