Robotized glazing, Cersanit invests in Poland with SACMI-Gaiotto

Robotized glazing, Cersanit invests in Poland with SACMI-Gaiotto


Cersanit, Europe's leading quality sanitaryware brand, has installed and successfully tested a new complete SACMI-Gaiotto glazing line at its plant in Krasnystaw, Poland. Part of a wider modernisation programme, this investment confirms the customer's confidence in Gaiotto solutions and entails a full upgrade of the glazing line supplied by the SACMI Group company in the 1990s.

A key feature of this plant, the 2-coat robotized glazing technique allows perfect on-piece glaze application. No less important are the fully automated handling and conveying stages: these begin with the bar conveyor system at the infeed, which delivers the pieces to two R2000 Fanuc handling robots serving the opposing glaze application booths.

Here, glazing is performed by two Gaiotto GA-OL robots equipped with the latest off-line programming software. Cersanit's investment decision was based on the numerous advantages such a solution provides: these include the ability to program robots remotely and directly via a PC, more efficient glazing recipes (less overspray, lower overall quantities of glaze used in the cycle) and product development that does not interfere with routine production.

Fully robotized handling (the outfeed conveyor also features a foot washing system) also ensures complete saturation of glazing robot output capacity. The glazing booths themselves are equipped with dry filters to recover the glaze, while glaze application – governed by the mass control system – is performed by the innovative SACMI GDA80 spray gun which incorporates a needleless zero-maintenance solution.

The second application stage uses the same procedure, thanks again to synchronised movement of the robots that pick the pieces from the intermediate station, send them on to secondary glazing and, lastly, set then down on the conveyor exiting the system. With this investment Cersanit has highlighted a desire to focus on SACMI-Gaiotto automation and boost its European market penetration capacity by offering a broad range that runs from complex WCs to modern rimless WCs.

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