Machines for producing PET preforms

Production of PET preforms, using injection systems

The modern beverage industry is extremely dynamic and the fast-changing market demands high productivity, ever-greater efficiency, hygiene, versatility and size changeover flexibility. 
To respond to these needs Sacmi has designed and developed the IPS range, focussing on the following key factors to achieve the required competitiveness and minimise customers’ total operating costs: 

  •  Performance 
  •  Quality 
  •  Energy saving 
  •  Flexibility 

IPS - injection system for PET preforms



Designed using FEM structural analysis to optimise mechanical inertia and ensure excellent resistance to mechanical stress. Hydraulic actuators equipped with personalised digital servo-valve, to guarantee ultra-fast lock-to-lock times, thus reducing the preform cycle time.


The injection unit consists of an extruder with an electrical-drive plasticizing screw and a shooting pot controlled by servo valve. This solution ensures high performance and energy savings.


The take-out robot is driven by latest-generation belt-free (and, therefore, maintenance-free) linear motors, ensuring accuracy, speed and repeatability of robot movements. To save energy, a braking energy recovery system has been installed; this works during deceleration of the motors.


Thanks to special Sacmi-developed PET preform production software, the user interface is a simple one that lets users configure the machine simply by entering preform dimensions and thickness.

IPS 220

injection system for PET preforms

The main distinguished feature is mould flexibility, with an innovative plug&play mould assembling. It hosts moulds up to 72 cavities

IPS 300

IPS 300 summarizes the acknowledged advantages of the SACMI IPS range, with a decisive focus on performance, automation and process controls. It hosts moulds up to 128 cavities.  Read more

IPS 400

injection system for PET preforms of 400 tons

The main distinguished feature is moulds legacy, to allow customers to use moulds from other suppliers already in their possession. It hosts moulds up to 128 cavities


A wide range of machines to meet all the quality control requirements of PET preform manufacturers

Digital Manufacturing

The benefits of the profitable digital revolution. Digitalizing processes brings major benefits, as SACMI clearly demonstrates with a presentation of the key 4.0 development areas on its cap and PET preform production lines: SMART PACK, HERE, SMART CARE.  Read more

IPS Preform injection system - technical data

clamping force kN up to 4000
lock-to-lock s 2,2
screw diameter mm up to 140
take out plate up to 4 post cooling stations, driven by a belt free linear motor
preform unloading system gripper drops or vacuum suction system

ips video

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