Ventilated walls

The ventilated wall technology developed by Sacmi makes it possible to efficiently and competitively obtain products with high technological value, combining flat extrusion with rapid drying and firing on rollers. 

Mix preparation

Depending on the technological characteristics found out in the laboratory tests, Sacmi offers wet or dry mix pre-processing plants, designed on a case-by-case basis to meet the specific requirements of each product.

Drying with rollers

Multi-channel roller-type dryer with overlapping and separated single-layer channels. The air flow is adjustable in pressure, speed and temperature. The humidity of the chamber is managed with chimneys and relative recirculation in each single module.


Glazing can be carried out by applying powder glazes, grits, micronized sands and dry pigments. The dried product is also suitable for applications of wet glazes with discs and airbrushes.

Firing with rollers

The roller-type kilns are optimised to suit the extruded product. In particular, the preheating gradient is controlled in an optimal way, in order to apply the rapid firing process to any mix obtained by extrusion.

Handling and storage

It allows separating the production of the glazing and sorting lines from that of the kiln, ensuring continuity of supply and unloading of the kiln in the presence of different work shifts in the production departments.

Selection, packaging and palletisation

Characterized by great plant and operating flexibility, mechanical simplicity, accessibility and ergonomics, the sorting line offers interchangeable solutions, even in segments that can be coupled to existing plants.

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