Keramull KM 605 AT

Ceramic roller for roller kiln

Hyper-technical roller, it guarantees excellent material support for the production of all types of tile, 3 to 20 mm thick. Excellent thermal shock strength facilitating maintenance operations.

Ceramic roller for kiln- Keramull KM 605 AT

Hi-tech roller, assures excellent support to the material for producing all types of tiles, from 3 to 20 mm thick.  It withstands thermal shock well, making maintenance operations easier.

Ceramic roller for kiln- Keramull KM 605 AT

Hi-tech ceramic roller KM 605 AT

The high quality of the aggregates used in the body gives the maximum stability to the roller at all temperatures and with high thermal gradients.  High resistance to chemical aggression and good dilatometric values of the material make maintenance operations easier.  

Al₂0₃ titre 77%
Apparent density kg/dm³ 2.90
Apparent porosity 15%
Absorbed water 5%
M.O.E. 20°C ˂ 115 Gpa
Thermal dilation coefficient 5.0*(K-1 10-6)
maximum outer Ø mm 65

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