Continuous support service

Continuous support service

Subscription packages to make the most of SACMI technicians' expertise.

Our strengths

  • SACMI's assistance service makes teams of expert technicians available, who are active in over 100 countries world-wide.
  • In case of need, our technicians are ready to offer support from all SACMI locations - both directly and remotely.
  • Thanks to our different subscription packages, you can rely on SACMI support being there just when you need it.
  • Extended time assistance, remote assistance, tele-assistance: we can deliver the most suitable service for you.

Remote monitoring

To make the most of the "smart factory" potential, we can leverage the connectivity between your own factory machines and our technical centres to ensure remote machine and process control. The extensive know-how of our technicians can help you identify production weaknesses early enough and take action before actual problems arise. By combining our machines' connectivity with the added value ensured by our supervision systems, you can also monitor the condition of the entire factory. 


Thanks to today's most advanced technologies, you can ensure our technicians' support even when they are not physically there. Thanks to the connectivity of our machines and through the use of specific tools that allow for audio/video file sharing, our technicians will be able not only to adjust machine parameters but also to perform actual remote assistance. This will help your operators to service your machines themselves, backed by all the available SACMI know-how, without having to wait for experts to arrive on site.


The expertise of our technicians will be available to you at any time, so that any problems can be solved immediately. Our round-the-clock assistance can be tailored to your needs, to minimize the response times of our experts.

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