SACMI strengthens its reputation in India as a sole partner for the Beverage industry

SACMI strengthens its reputation in India as a sole partner for the Beverage industry

After winning over even more customers from among the market’s leading players, SACMI is now preparing to showcase its full range at Drink Technology India (Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, 4-6 October 2023): everything from labeling machines to complete bottling lines, from cap and preform presses to thermoforming

In India, the spotlight is set to fall on SACMI, the only company in the world to provide cutting-edge technologies for every stage of the beverage packaging and bottling process.
After winning over yet more key customers in India, where the company operates with SACMI Engineering (the hub for all customer support and assistance services), SACMI is now set to play a leading role at the international Drink Technology fair, to be held in New Delhi from 4 to 6 October 2023.


Already the world’s leading provider of closure manufacturing solutions, SACMI has been designing bottling machines and complete lines (stretch-blowing, filling, capping, labelling) for 20 years.
Exclusive technologies and an in-depth understanding of materials and processes form the bedrock of a sterling reputation, as do certified solutions and solid partnerships with the world’s major brand owners.

Modular, high-performance and versatile: FlexiOPERA labelers

The undisputed stars of the SACMI stand (H12A.B37) will be the labelers: high-performance, versatile machines that SACMI supplies complete with a comprehensive set of in-line label quality control systems. More specifically, SACMI FlexiOPERA sets a new industry benchmark, with output rates of up to 81,000 applications per hour and fast format changeovers. 
Highly popular with the market’s major players who have production facilities here, FlexiOPERA labelers feature outstanding ergonomics, are easy to use and maintain and can handle labels made of different materials (plastic, paper), all with the utmost efficiency, speed and accuracy.

Complete plants: new COMBO Blo2Fill

All-inclusive solutions - from stretch-blowing and filling to the capped, labeled bottle - are another SACMI hallmark, as you’d expect from a company with a strong plant engineering vocation in all the fields it works in. At the coming fair in India, where the first COMBO Blo2Fill was recently delivered, SACMI will exhibit a next-gen solution that’s compact, logistically simplified and highly automated.
Key strengths include new electronic control of the fully servo-assisted capping system (FEC, Full Electronic Capper), together with a cap feeder (CCS, Continuous Cap Supply) featuring waterfall technology and visual cap inspection. 
The new capper has evident advantages in terms of fast, precision control, especially as regards the new lightweight caps, an area in which SACMI leads the world with its compression technology (CCM). Also exclusive to SACMI is the dual-mold cavity, which doubles productivity on small-medium formats. 

FFS (form-fill-seal), safe and high-performance

FFS is a SACMI solution for thermoforming, filling, sealing and labeling beverage, food and dairy containers. Thanks to design characteristics that make it one of the best performers on the market, SACMI FFS adapts to any type of commercially available resin (PS, PP, PET). Designed for high productivity - up to 100,000 containers per hour - FFS offers exceptionally easy format changeovers and can be set up with different filling systems (hygienic, aseptic, ESL). It can also handle multilayer (PS base and PP base), hot fill (PP) and high transparency (PET) solutions.
From this perspective, the SACMI tech team provides close customer support at every stage to make sure the best investment decisions are made. This includes all the consultation needed to ensure selection of the most suitable resin/format and compliance with the required characteristics in terms of product shelf-life (barrier properties, etc.). 

Caps and preforms 

Alongside bottling lines, SACMI develops a comprehensive range of technologies for the manufacture of caps and preforms. This offers SACMI customers further opportunities to take advantage of the product development services provided by the SACMI Rigid Packaging Laboratory Packaging Center.
So what do such services entail? First, unmatched expertise in materials and processes means customers get all-round consultancy to help them develop a distinctive product, while our technology then ensures the product can be produced efficiently and profitably.

In particular, SACMI CCM compression technology offers the world’s highest beverage cap output rates (up to 2,000 caps per minute) and optimized cap weights that comply with required standards (including the market’s widest range of new caps for 26/22 mm neck standards and innovative tethered proposals).
Alongside the innovations on the CCM range - such as the new CM-Flow extruder and the Smart Pack and Smart Care control/assistance packages - SACMI has a complete range of preform presses: these include the IPS 300, the first machine on the market to incorporate, on request, an intensive AI-powered quality control system (PVS 156).

SACMI Engineering: always by your side

SACMI Engineering is a vital hub for Indian customers who choose SACMI technology. The ability to assist customers at every stage and provide valuable consultancy on product and process goes hand in hand with far-reaching, punctual technical assistance and original spare parts services, provided throughout the lifespan of the machine and plant.
Recently consolidated, the SACMI Engineering facility now has new resources specifically dedicated to the beverage area. Consequently, customers can count on a level of support that matches the positive dynamics of a market that is crucial to business development prospects.

Visit us at Drink Technology, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, 4-6 October 2023, stand H12A.B37

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