ECLIPSIM DECO DIGIT: guaranteed (and integrated) total quality

An ultra-high-speed and precision inspection solution, designed for use downstream from the new DMD digital decorator. The result: an integrated ecosystem for the manufacture and quality control of metal sheets used to package food, beverage and other products

The SACMI-developed ECLIPSIM DECO-DIGIT is designed to inspect lithographed metal sheets. Powerful and precise, it can inspect up to 7,000 sheets (as large as 1,200 mm) per hour and identify any type of defect with a precision of approximately 0.1 millimeters.

How it works.

ECLIPSIM DECO-DIGIT – and ECLIPSIM COAT for coated metal sheets – is a powerful inspection system equipped with a linear color camera. The latter ‘photographs’ each transiting sheet, ensuring detection of even minimal defects, whether global (absence of color, color variation, color misalignment or incorrect lithography squaring with the sheet edge) or localized (ring marks, scratches, smudges, ink contamination, etc.).
Following the principles of colorimetric science, ECLIPSIM DECO-DIGIT analyses the color in the LAB area and can measure color deviations on the basis of the ∆E parameter. Using a complex lighting system designed to work with both gloss and matt finishes, ECLIPSIM DECO-DIGIT thus eliminates any distortion caused by varying surface reflectiveness.
Thanks to heavier-duty hardware and the next-gen CVS (Computer Vision Software), the system ensures outstanding performance and reliability.

The new Classy-AI interface.

As of today, like all SACMI Computer Vision systems, ECLIPSIM DECO-DIGIT is also available with the new Classy-AI interface. Using Artificial Intelligence, it instantly classifies any defects and warns the operator via a user-friendly dashboard. This revolutionizes line management as it provides valuable information on the origin of any defects and their trends during production.

Integration with the decorating machine.

Visitors to Metpack can look forward to seeing an integrated version, installed downstream from the new SACMI DMD digital decorator for metal sheets. Together, they form a complete ‘ecosystem’ - the first of its kind on the market - for the manufacture and all-round quality control of the sheets used to make metal packaging for food, beverage and other products.

The complete range.

SACMI fields a comprehensive range of metal packaging inspection solutions. These include systems for food can interiors, exteriors and crimping (iCan, CanCheck360), for the inside and outside of twist-off caps (DecoCap360 and LuggedCap360), can decoration and interiors (ELIOSCAN and iCan Beverage) and the all-in-one METALSIGHT metal lid inspection system. Together with ECLIPSIM DECO-DIGIT, they provide levels of synergy and innovation that enable manufacturers to keep pace with fast-changing markets.
The result is the most complete range on the market, delivering highly product-specific inspection solutions that, thanks to a shared software platform, are interoperable. What’s more, ‘intelligent’ Classy AI control now makes then revolutionary from an ease-of-use perspective.

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